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What Is Love Happy Valentines Day Love 2019

What is love?

All of us are made of love. We are love. Love is freedom, it is respect, and it is infinite. Therefore defining love rationally is impossible. If we did, it would stop being love. That we do not know how to define it accurately does not mean that it is not there.

Nor is there a universal definition of art and no one doubts its existence.

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We have learned that love is possession, emotional dependence, attachment, property. A contract with a thousand and one conditions. We demand a lot from the person we are supposed to love. Contracts are a must in the world we live in. Despite this they are not something nice. There is nothing nice about a contract. The sea is beautiful and it is not a contract, nor is the sky in a starry night or the full moon. That is why love can not be subject to conditions. To really love is to give without expecting anything in return.hindi-sms-1

What is love

We believe that love is all attraction, all passion, and a kind of dream of colors in which everything is perfect. That is, an illusion, a lie. When we are with the person we are supposed to love, we forget our priorities, and we begin to enter into a state of fear. It is the fear of losing that person. This fear arises precisely from the desire to possess the other individual. Fear and love are incompatible.   Once past the state of initial blindness in which the most important thing seems to be attraction and intensity, what is left? It is at that moment when we wake up and realize that, in most cases, we have believed to love someone without having known him well before. It is very easy to love the abstract, but it is not real.

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Real love is not found in the blue princes or the Disney princesses, but in people of flesh and blood, with defects and virtues. If you do not love someone as it is, your love of things and life is not real either. Love is something natural, as is life. It is in us, not sought. We should not force him thinking about how to fall in love with a woman or a man, how to seduce them, how to attract them, how to bind, etc.

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Only the one who is able to be an independent and complete individual, who does not need a partner to be happy, can love in a healthy and real way. Here is the greatest paradox of love. The love between two mature and consistent people is also loneliness. The two are alone despite being together. Love does not end with the unit , in fact embellishes and exalts. Two people who love each other truly form a whole and help each other to be free, to be complete and brilliant individuals.

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