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When Valentine’s Day 2019 is not Pink

For many of us, the most depressing day of the year is Valentine’s Day. The first time we spend it singles, we are usually very young. We take our buddies and happily organize a good anti-Valentine’s Day party or at the restaurant. We are even relieved that we do not have to type the traditional candlelit dinner with the gift with hearts, this stuff really being too tacky.

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Serve On Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day at 30

From the age of 30, the prospect of spending alone on Valentine’s Day makes us laugh less. Buddies start cramming when they have not pushed the plug until getting married and the pro-celib party already looks like a rout.

The little girls’ restaurant in the middle of the couples who are kissing over the table and exchanging enamored glances becomes downright scary. And if the couples in question look in faience dogs despite the pink in his plastic, riddled by the street vendor, it’s not better. We always pay their heads, just to give the change, but in the end the heart is no longer there.

Valentine’s Day at 40

From the age of 40, almost all our girlfriends are in a relationship – for better or for worse – so exit the anti-Valentine’s Day party. As for going astray in a special “Soirée des amoureux” evening! Organized by who knows who, we are not so desperate at this point.

It only remains to arm us with courage to endure for a few days the usual invasions of hearts in shop windows, promotional spam for perfumes and pubs of jewelers on bus shelters. Because it is obvious that any modern woman dreams of receiving a diamond for Valentine’s Day .


Happy Valentines Day My Love


Happy Valentines Day Love 2017

And what do you do when Valentine’s Day falls on us?

For my part, it’s been a long time since I stopped taking the lead with Valentine’s Day. My brain does not even notice the hearts stuck on the windows. I do not do anything special that day. If I talk about it this year, it is to support the morale of my single, separated, divorced comrades.

It’s not just Cupid that matters on February 14, as there is not only Valentine in life. There are also – and first – you, your dreams and aspirations. At least if you’re single right now, it’s that you’re not bogged down in a bad story. If you are, you may still be alone this evening.

The worst Valentine’s Day

The worst is not being single for Valentine’s Day. A good romantic comedy may be enough to have the banana all evening and to tackle February 15 and spring with a potato hell. The worst thing is to know that your “lover” has forgotten you, spend the evening with someone else or with his friends. To prevent you from finding yourself in this pathetic and intolerable situation – which I have known – I dared to list the main principles which it seems prudent to apply in his sentimental life. I baptized soberly this list: “Love: The 10 commandments!

This little book is not an umpteenth practical guide of psychology. I am not a psychologist. It is based solely on what I learned from love and, most importantly, bad stories for my life. As I am (fortunately) no longer a chick of the day, I had the time to live some experiences, but also to think about it.


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