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Valentines Day Around The World

Valentines Day Around The World

Ah, romance. There is nothing that melts your heart as candles, flowers and compliments. We love it so much that we have a whole day just dedicated to the celebration of love in our lives – wonderful Valentine’s Day.happy valentine day 2017

Valentine’s Day has its roots in an old Roman tradition, called Lupercalia. On 15 February jumped young men in Nostradamus and ran after the young virgins for (gently) to beat them to make their fertility better.

These pagan antics remained still very popular after Constantine made Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire. Later Lupercalia shaped Sanka Valentin of the Christian tradition. The zip full saint made illegal marriages during the Roman emperor Claudia II. Saint Valentine was executed for his digressions on February 14, and to this day celebrating the lovebirds worldwide Sanka Valentin on this day.Happy Valentine Day

Valentin traditions vary from country to country. Here is our little collection of all the rmantic things that are going around the world Happy Valentines Day Love on February 14.


Couples in the United States is doing everything to show their love for each other. Each year, Americans spend 18 billion dollars on candy, cards, chocolates, flowers and jewelry on this day. Card is the most common gift, but not only for few. Families, friends and school children also exchange cards with their thoughts about friendship, love and appreciation. America’s most popular candy is not a box of chocolates, but a tiny hearts with messages like “Be Mine” or “Kiss Me”. And then one last little fun fact: There are produced as many hearts each year that the world can in principle get one each.


Thanks to their national Carnival -fingering most Peruvians on holiday on February 14, which means that they have extra time to plan their Love Day. Instead of exchanging roses provides many orchids that bloom in its nature. There’s even mass weddings that day to accommodate all the couples who say “Yes” on this most romantic day of the year.


Brazilians skip celebrations on February 14 and remember instead of Saint Anthony, the protective marriage saint on June 12.


In the UK, few really romantic on Valentine’s Day. Turtledoves on all the islands exchange gifts such as flowers, chocolates and jewelry. At night, couples often out to eat a nice dinner or arrange to have a pleasant evening with candles at home. No matter what, there is romance in the air.


If you are single, Finland is the place to be. Here you do not have to be concerned feel excluded from the festivities, for in this country is about to celebrate the day with friends. The day is actually called even “Friends Day” in Finnish – not Valentine’s Day. The official flower is a pink rose, but friends are now also happy to get cards, gifts or candy.


In this part of the world, men have become spoiled. On Valentine’s Day the women namely buy chocolates to their male partners, flimflammed and colleagues as an expression of affection and appreciation. But do not worry ladies – a month after it was vice versa, known as the White Day, men can reciprocate women love with cake, sweets and flowers.

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