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The Best Funny Phrases Of Love Valentines Day 2018

The Best Funny Phrases Of Love Valentines Day 2018 Love can be achieved in many different ways , especially depending on the type of person you want to be. But do not forget that, without a doubt, one of the main features that draw us the attention of a possible couple is the sense of humor.

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When someone makes us laugh at once it begins to arouse an interest in us, and sometimes that little interest can be transformed into a feeling as strong and powerful as it is certainly love.

For this reason, not all the romantic phrases deep in which we declare our undying love, if not to be the best option for certain types of people are funny love quotes , humorous phrases that help us achieve our soulmate . Happy Valentines Day Love 2018

That ye may have the best ideas, then we give you a complete list with the most effective phrases funny love .

1 humorous phrases of love

2 phrases funny love

3 fun phrases of love

4 comic phrases of love

5 phrases laughter love

6 phrases humorous heartbreak

7 Why use humorous phrases of love?



Excuse me, could you let me take a picture of you? It’s like this year you can teach the wise men what I want for Christmas.

I do not stop feeling dizzy and nauseous at all times every time I see you, so one of two, or I have the flu or I am totally in love with you.

I love you like the pooch.

If you do not believe in love at first sight I think I’ll have to go back.

They say that love is a problem, but if it is with you I do not mind trying to solve it.

It must be true that I am crazy, because every time I see you I forget who I am.

I had always believed that the excesses were bad, but if I have to die of something, I hope it is to have an excess of you.

I love you with all my body, I would say that I love you with all my heart, but that seems to me too small to describe what I feel for you.

You always seemed to me a very handsome man, but when I saw you cook, I fell madly in love.

Happy Valentine Day


Since I saw you for the first time I stopped eating breakfast, eating and dinner because I was thinking about you, and I also stopped sleeping because I was very hungry.

I would tell you not to be afraid of me and I do not bite, but the truth is that I really want to bite you.

I think I’m starting to develop a serious multiple personality disorder from thinking so much about you.

If love consists of chemistry between two people, I swear I buy all the laboratories between your house and mine.

I do not think love is blind because it has been looking at you and going crazy for you.

I very much agree with that we should give ourselves some time. How would you prefer I give it to you? In days or years?

I’m sure that in the dictionary when you look for the word preciousness, your photo appears.

You should be ashamed to dedicate yourself to stealing, you are a thief, you have stolen my heart and you have not even deigned to warn me.


I thought the sun was out, but now I realize that it’s just that you’ve smiled.

You are all a candy, so be careful and go through the shadow do not go to melt.

I have stopped believing everything in the Bible, now I believe that the first six days created the world, and the seventh was dedicated to perfecting you.

I had been frightened to see you, you are so precious that I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

The world is going crazy, now the flowers are able to walk.

I have stopped talking since I looked into your eyes.

What fools all the men in the world should be if a beauty like you is single.

I’m going to find someone who knows you so he can introduce us.

For pity, give me a chance, it is cruelty to walk by my side and not be able to enjoy your company.

Same seems a little weird, but … Do you marry me?

Where did you leave your blue suit? I thought it was the only color that princes like you had.



Funny phrases of love

Did you know that you have super powers? Because only by looking at me I have become petrified.

Now I understand that for love they are crazy, because I would do everything you asked me for you.

I have a big problem, and is that every time you approach me I look silly because I forget how to talk to people.

If they gave me a penny every time I think of you … I would have managed to dominate the world.

Well, Valentine’s Day is close so maybe it’s time for me to finally confess that you’re really in love with me but you did not dare tell me.

I know you’re all looking for the perfect bride, but I just can not get out with everyone.

You have to know that I like you very much, and that you should also be ashamed to go out into the street without having to hold my arm.

I will always love you no matter what happens, well unless you go with another, if you go with another, I get angry a little bit.


I love you very much … but only for me.

Now I understand the phrase that love is blind, because since I saw you for the first time I can no longer see anyone else.

I’m going to stop listening to music because in every song I listen to, there are parts that remind me of you.

Hello, you may not have noticed, but your heart has been calling me all day and I thought it was time to introduce myself.

Please, from now on try to live without too many jolts, because in addition to yours, you also have to take care of my heart.

When I kiss you I try to close my eyes like the movies, but I’m afraid to fall to the ground because every time I approach you I feel the world spinning.

I’m not a robber, but … give me all the love and kisses you carry.


“Darling, tell me something with a lot of love …” “Okay, I’ll tell you, my love … fa.

Now I understand why Cupid is wearing a diaper, because it always ends up shitting.

Now I just listen to songs without lyrics so they do not remind me of my ex’s idiot.

Sometimes I think of going to get you wherever you are, but then I get lazy and it happens to me.

Some friendships come and others leave, but the former accumulate.

When you mature you look for me … to leave you again.

Love is over valued.

If I ever feel butterflies in my stomach, I’ll just drink water to drown them before they make me make another mistake.

I am going to buy a bow in case Cupid approaches me, so I will return the “favor”.

He told me he wanted me, what he did not tell me is that he also wanted half of the neighborhood.



Now that you have them , you certainly also interested in how you can use this kind of funny phrases , and perhaps at times are not the most appropriate, and have to wait for the most ideal situation for its effect is maximized.

Funny sentences of love

First, it is clear that not everyone will like the phrases of love with a funny twist, there are people who do not have much sense of humor or that, even if they do, may think that you do not take too seriously .

So if you use one of these phrases it has to be with a person with whom you have something trustworthy and know you enough to know that you love making jokes and give it a fun touch.

Maybe it can be your best friend or someone to share many moments of laughter . Although it is also very true that even if you do not have much confidence with someone, using any of these phrases is a great way to check if the person you love so much has the sense of humor that you imagine.

Since it may be the case that you have been idealizing someone, believing that is someone very funny, and that after using these sentences you realize that you were totally wrong.

As you can see, these phrases you will not only serve to love that person who has reserved a place in your heart, but they are a great way to check if you really are as compatible as you thought.


Now that you have them, you will only have to think of an original way of saying it so that it is also fun, it becomes a very special moment for both of you.

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