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Text Templates For Valentine’s Day 2019

It’s not always enough to be in love to find the words! It is from this observation that we wanted to give a little help to lovers in lack of inspiration. The models of Valentine’s Day letters that you will find in this article are at your disposal. You can adapt or magnify them with your own words. Give them the care of touching the heart of the loved one by sliding them inside your card.

To invite him to dinner on Valentine’s Day

“It’s true that I have a devouring passion for you, but it’s not a reason to let yourself die of hunger! On the contrary, love drives us to greed, if it is shared.
So I propose to you, on the occasion of Valentine’s Day 2019, to savor together a fine supper.We will have all the time, for the dessert, to choose the most delicious option

Out of sight near the heart

“My Dear love,
It’s a profusion of roses that I would like to lay at your feet to tell you how much I love you.The distance that separates me from you prevents me however to do it.I leave this pretty card the care of perfuming your dreams I think a lot about you and about the projects we are doing together for 2. Next year, on Valentine’s Day, we will be together, which is what I want with all my strength . ”


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Letter from an Anti Valentine’s Day to his darling

“My love,
You’ve often heard me say that Valentine’s Day was nothing but the commercial,
That you have to love each other every day and not only on February 14th,
That the little hearts are silly and that the rose, it’s nerdy

Yes I know, I said all that but today I regret it,
Because even if to my caustic sentences you laughed and acquiesced,
I felt the Blue Flower that I was so disappointed,
and it made me think, yes, I thought about it a lot.

I thought, thought … and realized
that it is this beautiful blue flower that I am in love
Without your romanticism you would be less to me.
Then I will not go to an agreed gift to sacrifice to the tradition,
But I will mark this date to prove to you that my love is stronger than my prejudices,
And I will wish this Valentine’s Day,
Sweet, and beautiful, and romantic,
and that we pass it together, eyes in the eyes. ”


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