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Tell a Guy you Like who he Likes you too | Happy Valentines Day Love

There are moments in the life of the girls in which she has to throw care in the wind and do what she has always wanted to do. When it comes to a boy, it’s difficult because the boys are the ones who are supposed to invite the girls out. But not this time. Gather all your courage, remember that the boy likes you already and ask him: What are you waiting for?

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Before inviting him out

Remember that you must have confidence. If you know for sure that you like the boy you like, that should give you all the confidence in the world. Most people are not sure or maybe they have a hunch. So act safely, because security is attractive. That will make the difference.

  • Before asking, remember that you already have the most difficult part under control: you already like it. Now you have to work with that attraction. This is facilitated as time passes. The hardest part is the first time you tell him; after that everything goes downhill.


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Continues to flirt with him. Maybe you think you’ve flirted a lot with him, but it does not hurt to give him a little more courage. Who knows? Your flirting may make you act and invite you out.

  • Hold it a little with something you know how to do very well. This will be flirtatious and will not bother you because you will not be insecure about something that is very good:
  • “If I had known you were going to paralyze and destroy the other football team, I would not have come in. I like the games to be exciting!”
  • Tell him how much you appreciate him. It’s good to be a bit sarcastic, but being honest is even better:
  • “Hey, thanks for helping me celebrate my birthday, you’re a great friend, never change.”
  • Raise your spirits when you are sad. You may not show it in the same way as other people, but try to recognize when you are not feeling very well:
  • “Do not worry about Felix, he’s a jerk and he knows it, do not let it affect your confidence, you’re much better than him anyway.”

Break the touch barrier if you have not done it yet. It is likely that you have already come close enough so that you have experienced a little tact in safe places. If you have already done it, excellent. If you have not done so, try using some of these tricks to communicate your affection before you go and tell them.

  • Learn to touch your hand, arm and shoulder. When you are making a point, approach and casually touch your hand. When you remind her of something or are trying to be very serious, touch her arm or the back of her shoulder. It should give chills down his spine.
  • Hang or rest on your shoulders. Pretend to be bored and rest your head on her shoulder. Or just rest your hands on your shoulder. Look him straight in your eyes if he is looking at you.

Part 02

Invite him out

Plan a special day together. This could be an appointment or something you do regularly, like going to the corner store for a soda. He does not have to know it’s a date, but if he asks you if it is, tell him you’d like it to be. That will tell you what you like without really “telling” him.

  • You can use something like:
  • “Hey, my dad gave me two movie tickets on Saturday, but my best friend canceled me, so I was wondering if you’d like to be a good friend and go with me”
  • “I’ve always wanted to go on a trip to Malibu and I need a partner, do you plan to do something on Saturday?”



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During your appointment or excursion, keep a flirt and a fluent conversation. This is to develop the relationship and the chemistry. You do not want to suddenly jump and tell him that you like him. You want to build it slowly, waiting for the right moment to tell it.

  • Talk about topics that you like, for example. He develops chemistry by asking him questions about the topics that excite him. Once you are enrolled in the conversation, it should start to flow and you probably do not have to talk much.
  • Talk about funny things. Laughter is excellent for chemistry. Tell him jokes that you only share with him. Grind it gently, remember to touch it on the arm or shoulder. Be a bit silly with him, ask him to give you a little buggy ride or ask him to act like one of your teachers.

Just before asking, check your list. Make sure you have a couple of crucial things under control before asking. If you are a public place, go to the bathroom. While you’re there, check:

  • May your breath smell good. If he gets to kiss you, you want to be prepared. Put a mint inside your mouth.
  • Make your hair and makeup look good. Touch your lips with some balsam (no shine and definitely no lipstick) and make sure you look great.
  • You’re safe . If you do not have confidence, it might be better to wait until you have it. Do not worry, you have no reason to worry.

Go tell him. Wait for the right moment and just tell them. You may want to wait at the end of the appointment, so that there are no uncomfortable moments after you confess your feelings and he also confesses his. Here are some options:

  • Short and sweet: Maybe you’ve already noticed but, I really like you. I hope you feel the same and we can do this again next weekend .
  • Long and cheesy: “This is very hard to do but I need to do it, since we started being friends, you started to like me, and then I noticed how funny you are and I felt a little stronger when I started having conversations with you, I felt even more, and now, at this moment, I feel much more. “



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Wait for answer You have given him the perfect opportunity to open up and you better take advantage of it. You should get a nice and even romantic response from him. Do not forget to smile and look him in the eyes. This should give you the confidence to kiss you, but do not worry if you do not.

Plan the next appointment. Maybe he’ll plan the next appointment automatically after you tell him what you feel. If so, that’s great. But maybe he needs you to give him a light nudge. In that case, say something like:

  • “I was thinking if we could do this again, I chose this time, do you plan the next one? I’m easy to please, I promise, I can go see the movies, walk on the beach or go shopping. like to be surprised!


  • Carry mints on your special day.
  • Do not make it uncomfortable.
  • Above all be yourself, do not be anyone else. The right guy will love you for who you are.
  • Start talking to him more often and when you do, take out the topic of relationships.
  • Smile: the guys think that’s cute. (Do not smile too much or exaggeratedly or it will look strange and maybe you will be scared).
  • Wait until the time is right.
  • Tell him you think the color of his eyes is really beautiful. He will look deeply at yours and it will be romantic.
  • Tell him that his eyes are beautiful and he “jokes” with him about it.
  • Many guys want girls to ask them before them.
  • When you dress for your first date, try to avoid the necklines because that will make him look at that area during the whole appointment or have ideas and maybe try something else with you. Keep the neckline to the minimum, it is much better to show some fabulous legs, that will attract the “right guy”.
  • When you plan your special day, do not tell it is your special day.


  • If you are in high school, the rumors will run quickly so be careful when you tell others about your secret “lover”.
  • Your answer may not be the one you would like.
  • If you feel insecure when asking things like “does this skirt make me look fat” he will think you are superficial and high maintenance.
  • If this guy is a popular player who loves girls and has a big negative story with them, maybe he’s not the guy that interests you because you might seem to be the kind of girl who will make you “a good time” – you can do much more than that!

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