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Romantic Walk On The Beach With Your Girlfriend

For just over a week ago, my girlfriend and I out and go for a nice trip beach  . Coincidentally fit our walk with the sun was going down when we reached the beach. Therefore, we could go and enjoy the sunset while we looked at the beautiful view out over the water as the day was transformed. Instead of it was roaring, flowed water like a thick, soft porridge which looked impressive great!

When did you last gone for a walk by the water with your girlfriend?

For me it’s something very special to walk by the water. The waves and the view into the infinite, has an almost meditative-like effect on me. In summer, I put myself in the sand, feel the warmth of the sun and just sit and look out over the water for several hours while I dream me away from everyday stresses.Happy Valentine Day Love 2017

When my boyfriend and I go walk by the water, so we relax, but we also give us time and quiet to talk about all the things that we do not get talked about normal. It’s great relaxing and cozy and time flies always leave.

Maybe the same effect on you? – Take warm clothes and the big winter boots on and get you a nice romantic and nice trip by the sea, just before the sun goes down.

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