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Romantic Valentine With Poetry

It can be difficult even to find a romantic poem, so I have collected some pieces that you should be heartily welcome to use!

Here are a few ideas for romantic Valentines day rhyme:

1. The sun peeks the

Above as your eyes they shimmer

Your mouth the smile

You are and will remain a loner

Your kisses are so lovingly

Let me be completely honest

You and me together

for always to the end



2.Endless endless games

Never be away

For without you

Is there no me

And without us

Will love despite



3.My love for you

Will not go away

For you are my

I am your

We are two

I love you and will never go


4. A snowdrop I send you

Because your heart belongs to me

And you should know that you are my

Because you are so beautiful and delicate


5.Valentines Day it comes

and soon it will be summer

Your cheeks

Finds forward my memories

You and I together

it is joy and gammen

You must also be very welcome to modify some of them, so they come to fit the person you want to surprise

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