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Romantic Dinner Here’s The Recipe Happy Valentine Day

Whether it’s your first date or have spent many wonderful dinners together, so there are certain elements that make a romantic dinner for a great experience!

Be gallant and romantic Happy Valentine Day Love 2017

First of all you need to create just the right mood. Here I mean not only that there must be candles on the table and colorful flowers in a vase. DU is also to have the energy to spoil your dinner guest and then you of course showing love and concern.

How best to put yourself in the “mood” you know best for yourself, but one thing which can often get the film to crack is that you do not feel you have mastered the evening.

Start well in advance

should therefore start preparing your dinner a few days beforehand, so you feel that you have complete control over the evening. It is often the little things that make a romantic dinner for something special and it’s just the little things that are often forgotten when a few hours before his girlfriend / date comes crashing around in the kitchen and forgot all about clearing up the apartment and walk the dog.

The food is of course also important

Most people appreciate a good, healthy meal. Spar therefore greasy, so I do not end up quite puffy couch. Find a good recipe that you know that you can make. Be careful not to experiment with food for your romantic dinner as you may be unfortunate that it is not as it should.

For dinner you must of course have something good to drink!

Set the table and cosiness Happy Valentine Day

A cozy table setting is also important if it is to be cozy and romantic! Eg. it may be a good idea to pick / buy some beautiful flowers. Another thing that also creates a cozy and personal atmosphere is if you find a pair of flat stones on the beach in which you write both your names, so the stones can be used as rustic table cards.

Napkins are not just napkins, so find some cute towels in colors to match the rest of the table. Fold them possibly in a fine way, so it looks decorative out.

Finally, remember candlelight and soft music at the plant.

Candles create a cozy atmosphere

Create a whole

Your romantic dinner does not end when you have eaten, you have of course also arranged something cozy! Personally, I think it’s really nice to play games together. You can also find the flashlight back and take a walk in the dark or how to draw a drawing for one another that represents your evening together? The possibilities are endless as your imagination!

I wish you a very romantic dinner AND evening!

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