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Please Someone on Happy Valentines Day

Can you stay true to yourself and still find good friends? Can you develop the skills you need to have a good social life? Can you make others want to have your friendship and affection? Yes, yes and yes. Keep reading and you will find some tips to create genuine links with others.

This article is about platonic friendships. Click on the following links if you want to attract a man or like a girl.

Method 1

Stay faithful

Stick to your values and beliefs. Something that distinguishes you is your particular combination of principles and convictions that you value deeply. This is the core of who you are, that is why it is important that you stay true to yourself, even in times of conflict or insecurity.

  • Conflicts are part of any relationship. You do not have to change your way of being to resolve a disagreement. Simply ask that your beliefs be respected and respect those of others in the same way.
  • You need courage to stick to your beliefs. It is not easy to be the only one who faces an abusive or who does not tolerate a harmful or dangerous joke. Being true to yourself may not make you popular with some people, but it could attract those with whom you have values in common.
  • Make a list of your truths or of all the people or things that made you who you are (your education, your likes or dislikes, your temperament, etc.) and let that list remind you of who you are. Also, use those aspects as starting points to converse or relate to others.

Be open and honest. It is easier for someone to approach you and to like you, if you are kind and genuine. If you send a pleasant and open vibe, you will attract people.

  • If you use the technique of “what you see is what it is” to make friends, you can get rid of any artificiality and relate to people who are attracted to who you are. But be careful to appear inflexible! People prefer not to relate to someone who seems too rigid.
  • A part of being genuine is demonstrating emotions. You can try to put on a good face when you feel bad or you can try to hide that you had a stressful day, but emotions are something we all share. Let others see you as a true human being.
  • If you are shy and have trouble talking to other people, be honest about that. The good news is that you do not need to say much for someone to enjoy your company. One of the best ways to relate to other people is by being a great listener and asking questions that show real interest in the other person.
  • Do not be hard on yourself, if you feel that your socializing skills are weak. You may have been busy working in other areas of your life. Remember: a skill is something that can be developed, so you can definitely improve in this area.




Have respect for yourself. Respecting you means that you value yourself no matter what else. Successes and failures cannot change it and it does not depend on whether you are on the same level with others or not; in fact, do not even compare yourself to others ever! Mainly, it will help you to create friendships that are not based on rivalry or superiority.

  • Respect is the key to earning the respect of others. It is difficult for people to treat you with respect if you do not treat yourself well or do not worry about yourself.

Maintain good hygiene. If you look good, you feel better and, when you feel good, you are more likely to make a good impression.

  • Dúchate or bathe regularly. If you stay clean, you show that you care about your health and respect your body. If you have oily hair, consider washing it every day (this will also reduce the chances of having acne on the forehead); If not, every two days is fine.
  • Use deodorant. Although it is something completely natural, strong body odor can scare away others. If you use a deodorant or antiperspirant, especially when it’s hot or before and after exercise, you’ll show that you care not only about yourself, but about the comfort of others.
  • Change your clothes. Even if it’s your shirt or your favorite pair of jeans, it’s important that you change it with some regularity. Clothes absorb and can keep body odor, so although you strive to take care of your hygiene, if you wear the same clothes several days in a row, it will not do you any good.
  • Maintain good oral hygiene. Brushing and flossing are important for two big reasons: they help prevent cavities and gum disease, and reduce bad breath. It will be difficult for people to approach you if your breath is not fresh. Mentas and chewing gum can help, but brushing and flossing are the best way to fight the germs that cause bad breath.

Look for common interests. Something that unites people are the interests they have in common. Expose to situations in which you can do something that you like and you can meet other people who enjoy it too.

  • Join a club or attend an event. If you like to read, look for an online reading club or look for signs in your local coffee shops. Are you fond of cars? Then, attend local car shows or get involved in online discussion groups that focus on cars. Shared interests help establish a common ground with someone immediately.
  • View the Meetup and Craigslist sites to find groups and activities. You’ll be surprised at the number and variety of groups that focus on a broad range of interests.
  • When you talk to someone, ask open questions to discover common ground. Instead of saying: “Do you like music?”, Ask: “What are your three favorite bands?” Instead of: “How was your day?”, Ask: “What was the best part of your day?” Open questions open the doors to discover more of the person you are talking to.
  • Volunteer Find a cause that interests you and spend some time to support it. You will meet other people who share your interest in the same organization and maybe more.

Express yourself whether talking in a class, drawing wildlife, or renovating the finish of a piece of furniture that you bought in a thrift store, if you express yourself by exchanging ideas and creativity, you can attract others.

  • When you express yourself, you are sharing a part of yourself with others. It is a great opportunity for others to get to know you through your actions and can approach you for something you have said or done.
  • Not expressing yourself (verbally or nonverbally) can lead to isolation. If you build walls around you and refuse to let go, others will assume that you want them to leave you alone and that is what they will do.





Method 02

Be conscious

Shows respect for others being respectful means valuing others and their points of view. You must accept them for what they are and avoid doing something that could hurt them or put them in difficulty. Let’s face it: you must treat others the way you want them to treat you!

  • Keep your promises. One way to show respect is by doing what you say you are going to do. This shows that you value the time of others and the fact that they have trusted you.
  • Use your manners Do not interrupt others. Say “please” and “thank you.” Do not say bad words if you know that it will be offensive. Good manners show others that you value them and that they deserve your best behavior.
  • Arrive on time. We are all so busy these days, that every minute is worth gold! Arrive on time for meetings or other planned activities to show that you appreciate the time the person is going to dedicate to you.

Listen out. Conversations involve two people and if you spend all your time talking about yourself, you will not know the other person better and will think you have no interest in them.

  • People love to talk about themselves, so leave them alone. Ask questions to attract others and let them share things about themselves. You will be able to meet them and they will please you even more for having given them your time and your attention.
  • Show that you understood. Paraphrase the person what he said to make sure you understood. This will show you that you are really listening and will give you the opportunity to clear up any misunderstandings, so that you understand the message completely.
  • Avoid interrupting or competing. Although it may be tempting to interrupt with a comment or try to get over someone’s story about a trip you made or a bad day you had, settle down! Concentrate on the person you are talking to and reserve your comments for another time.
  • Listen with the whole body. Make eye contact with the other person, lean forward a little, nod when you agree or to show that you understand. Most of our communication actually takes place non-verbally, so let your body listens and talk a little for you.

Spend time with the other person. Some people say that “quality” is more important than “quantity”, but when it comes to spending time with a friend, both are important. Spend some time to be with the people you like and want to know better.

  • Dedicating time to someone is a clear sign that it is important to you and that you like it. The attraction tends to be reciprocal, so being willing in this way increases your sympathy.
  • You must give time to relationships. The more time you spend with someone, the more comfortable you are with being with you. To please someone requires investing the necessary time to create that feeling of comfort and familiarity.

Give space to the other person. People need time for themselves and space to pursue all their interests. Instead of overwhelming someone with your friendship, give them the opportunity to find you and get involved in your own life.

  • Some people do not feel comfortable letting new people into their lives too quickly. All friends move at their own pace. Let your friends who prefer to create friendships more slowly establish a speed that is comfortable for them.
  • The circumstances of life change. It may be that the mother of a person gets sick, that the task at work or at school increases, that the schedules change, that projects arise that have to be attended, there are so many reasons that can prevent a person from spending time with another . Respect the needs of others and do not take it personally.
  • Understand the signs. If you are going too fast, the other person will let you know; you just have to interpret the signals. If you seem to be reluctant to commit to making plans, do not answer or return calls or text messages, or even physically go away when you are together, decrease your enthusiasm and get away a little. You do not want to look sticky, scary or too anxious.
  • People not only need emotional space, but also physical space. If you approach a person at 18 inches (45 cm), you are invading their intimate space and you may not feel comfortable with that. We usually reserve that area for those closest to us, so be careful to get too close to someone.

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Method 03

Go beyond

Show the other person that you are special. People like to know that they matter and that they deserve a little extra effort from time to time.

  • Give him a compliment. Express your admiration for something of the person, but your comments should be genuine and specific. Go further and concentrate on the fundamental things of your personality: “I really admire your courage in that situation”, and not in the things that relate to the situation: “It’s good that you stopped that fight”.
  • Give him a hand. There are some appalling tasks that we all have to face: moving, meeting an impossible deadline, reviving the dead battery of the car, etc. If you are willing to help, even when it is not convenient, you can earn the gratitude and affection of someone.
  • Offer your support. Give your emotional and moral support to someone when you need it. Make him feel valued by always being on his side.

Give him a little gift once in a while. It is not about “buying” someone’s affection, but about giving them a symbolic gift that expresses your interest in their well-being or that demonstrates that you are aware of what is happening to them.

  • Actually, the intention is what counts. When you give someone a gift, you show him that you are thinking about him and what is important to you.
  • Let your gift reflect the events of life. A keychain that says: “Congratulations on your new car,” or a bouquet of flowers can brighten someone’s day. Keep up with what happens in the lives of the people you want to have gift ideas that are meaningful.
  • Do it yourself. You do not have to be a great artist to make a card, decorate a photo frame or make cookies. Taking the time to make a gift really expresses the friendship or affection you feel for someone.

Take interest in the other person’s hobbies. Although they may have been related by an interest they have in common, most likely they do not share all their tastes, hobbies or activities. There’s nothing wrong with it … its actually good, since this allows you to get to know the other side of a person if you’re willing to work a little.

  • Attend an event or learn about your friend’s hobby. You do not have to become an amateur too, but if you can talk about it intelligently and with a degree of interest, you will show your friend that it is important to you.
  • You must be willing to learn. If you are willing to learn something new, go ahead and take on the role of student. Let someone teach you something; This will make the person feel good about themselves and create a bond between them.
  • Even if someone else’s hobby seems absolutely boring to you, do not talk bad about it or make fun of the activity. For your friend, it’s obviously important, so he deserves respect.

Leave reminders that you care. Some unexpected notes, text messages and photos can help you stay in touch and create opportunities to interact with the person.

  • Send a text message wishing you luck before an exam, an important meeting or a job interview. The person will appreciate your wishes and your support.
  • Take a picture of something funny and send it to them. That little motivation can make a difference in someone’s day and remind them that they share a similar sense of humor.
  • Do not forget the birthdays. Put a note in your calendar so you do not forget that you should send a letter or call the person on that special day.





  • Do not try to pretend in relationships. Try to find common interests with the other person.
  • Spend a lot of time and sit by her side. In this way they will know each other better.
  • In short, be yourself! If the person does not like you, you do not deserve your time anyway.
  • Know yourself and love yourself. In general, people are attracted to people who trust in themselves.
  • Do not be shy. Be determined. If you do not talk to the person you like, you will not know; and if he likes you or liked you, he might find someone else.
  • If you have not seen the person in a long time, hug them and tell them you missed them. It will feel special no matter if it is male or female.
  • Men are attracted to women who have their own opinions and who have the conviction that they are people with courage and dignity.
  • Try to do something that you like … maybe you can get their attention if you are nice and respectful.
  • If you can show respect to someone, you will feel that you can definitely love them.
  • Boys are attracted to girls who take care of their hair and have good hygiene, but what they do not like is when the girls monopolize the bathroom. So, the faster, the better.
  • Just be yourself. Try to talk to the person about the things he likes and know about it. If you want me to know that you like it, throw small hints at him from time to time. But be sure to be yourself and try not to be shy if you want to spend more time with the person. Good luck!
  • You must always be ready and willing.


  • You can flirt, but beware of the consequences. If you flirt with the wrong man, he might not take you seriously and could take advantage of you. So, girls: know when to stop because they might seem cloying or desperate.
  • Do not be cloying because guys hate that. They do not like to be asked questions if they are not coming out yet; they may be scared, so try not to behave like harassers.




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