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Plans for a Romantic Happy Valentines Day

Although it is spoken of the “Day” of Valentine, in fact the 14 of February is the perfect date to organize a romantic evening. A light and toxin-free dinner, soft and hydrated skin, new and sexy underwear, freshly changed sheets, lit candles, dim lights, flowers and perfume. Appetizing, right? But, even being essential, the scenario is not the most important. The essential thing is that they dedicate that night to connect in body and soul with their partner. Look at your eyes and heart; give yourself time, trust, tenderness … Forget about getting a gift for commitment or buying a greeting card from the mall. If you really care about your relationship, invest in it: love, hours, attention, joy, sweetness.

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Ideas for planning a romantic dinner on February 14

Have you considered if it will be better to dine at home or out on Valentine’s Day? Here we help you analyze the pros and cons of each plan, so that they choose the one that makes them feel better. If you stay at home, you will find suggestions to create an intimate and sensual environment. And if you prefer to dine out, we propose original alternatives to the “old” restaurant. You will also find tips to communicate the chosen plan to your partner while maintaining surprise and romance. Keep reading”


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4 simple and tasty recipes for Valentine’s Day dinner

The dinner of February 14 should be light and tasty, rich in flavors, colors, textures … Forget about prepared dishes or very heavy recipes. It’s about evoking appetite and eroticism at the table. And that does not have to be complicated. Here you can find four recipes very easy to prepare for dinner on Valentine’s Day: salad of avocado and prawns to start, rice with vegetables and green curry as a main dish, delicious strawberry skewers with chocolate for dessert … and a Rich Viennese coffee so you do not fall asleep after dinner.



How to enjoy eroticism and sensuality with your partner

There is nothing like making love with the beloved. Attraction, trust, affection and complicity combine to create an intoxicating cocktail. But it is also true that routine often leads us to adopt mechanical habits and even to stop looking at the person who accompanies us every day. That is one of the reasons that lead to many separations. But they can avoid it if they decide to learn to make love in a conscious way. Keep reading”



7 romantic low-cost destinations for lovers

When we think of a romantic getaway as a couple, exotic islands and resorts with impossible prices come to mind, right? But those are not, far from it, the only options. Remember that it is you who have the ability to impregnate a place of joy and love, and not luxurious furniture or a stunning landscape. For this reason, we offer seven offers of tourist destinations in Europe and America far from the conventional tourist routes and yet affordable for all budgets. Prague, Hamburg, Lima or Istanbul are some of the cities that we propose to visit as a couple to spend an unforgettable night that puts an end to your celebration of Valentine’s Day. Enjoy!

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