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Personal Photo Collage For Your Sweetheart

I love looking at all the beautiful pictures my girlfriend and I have taken over the years. They remind me that of the many things we have experienced and seen together. When I look at the pictures, I think back on our long trip to New Zealand and Thailand, on our many summer and winter holidays and all the other fun and relaxing moments we have enjoyed together.

As I mentioned earlier, we get too little out of all the beautiful Happy Valentine Day Love 2017  pictures we take. The digital age has many benefits, but unfortunately it also helped that we did not enjoy our pictures just as much as we did earlier.

Today we take good enough even more pictures than we did 5-10 years ago, but unfortunately they end up often just on the computer and not in the photo album, we looked in the past and it’s more than sin! Therefore, I am a big proponent of that we utilize our pictures any more.

One of the ways to do that is by getting into a personalized photo collage for his girlfriend. Not only do a photo collage with some of your finest images is an incredibly personal gift, so it gives you also the possibility to enjoy the pictures every day for years to come.

Personal collage for your sweetheart

I have found a professional who can help you

I’ve been for a walk on the Internet and found a place that make beautiful prints and personalized photo collages. Right now they even offer, so you can have prepared a photo collage for 1,400 kroner. The 1,400 kroner covers personal settings on canvas and delivery. Then it knew not done cheaper.

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When you enter the page, hold the mouse cursor over “Collage on canvas” in the left column, so you can access the 3 different sub-menus. Here you can among other things see the collage examples see the prices and order your personal collage.

The owner of the company called Anette and her positive mind and creative sense, she has already created a lot of great personal collages for both couples, confirmations, weddings and more. Try to look at some of her beautiful examples and think of if your girlfriend would not thought of such a photo collage?

On a collage must of course be pictures, but you also have the possibility to send a personal text to Anette, she will integrate into collagen. A personal text could, for instance. be a romantic little poem that you have written or perhaps a beautiful verse of your song if ye have one.

How to give your girlfriend collagen

Instead of packing the personal collage in and give to your girlfriend, then hang it up at home in secret, so she or he is surprised by this beautiful sight when he / she comes home.

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