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Perfume Day 17 Feb

Happiness is just like a perfume and we can express those very well on perfume day 17 February 2017, Perfume Day comes right after kick day. You can never give happiness to others until you have dropped some drops on yourself. There will be no wine in grapes until they are pressed and the juice in them is taken out. And there is no smell in the flowers until they are no mashed. So if you are facing some problems in your life then it means that GOD is about to shower is blessings on you. There are some people in our life who are just like a perfume like if we will involve with them or not you will be amused by the smell and that smell will be good for your value among the society that you have people of good taste.

Any one can gift bottle of perfume on perfume day 2017 to their lovers and friends. The perfume in yourself is your talent, no one will be able to know about it until you open the bottle of yours in front of them. So the time you open yourself the people will be able to get amused by the fragrance of your talent. The memories that we create with the love ones are not just the moments we spent together and recorded for rest of light, these are actually the fragrance of our life, it converts our heart into the bottle of perfume on perfume day.

Same is the case with the nature of women. A girl will never step out of home until she used perfume specially on valentines day, basically a girl is never dressed up completely without a perfume. The case with boys is this that they have to maintain their personality, the rule of romans do as romans do should be followed strictly. The personality of person is actually like a fragrance to the perfume bottle. The perfume in our real life is not just the bottle of fragrance its actually the bottle of love and memories. So enjoy you love day with you love ones and create memories and pack them in a bottle so that it can give you fragrance through out your life.