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Origin Of The Day Of Valentine

The origin of Valentine’s Day, of lovers or of friendship, is celebrated in many countries of the world. Let us know its origin.

The origin of this celebration dates back to the third century in Rome, which is based on a legend that tells the touching story of a priest who defied the orders of Roman Emperor Claudius Aurelius Marcus Gothicus, Claudius II , who had forbidden the celebration Of marriages for the young, because to his understanding the unmarried without family and with less ties were better soldiers.

The Valentine priest considered that the decree was unjust and secretly celebrated marriages for young lovers and this was martyred and later executed on Happy Valentine Day Love 2017, 14 February.

Emperor Claudius ordered that Valentin be imprisoned. Then Officer Asterius, in charge of imprisoning him, wanted to ridicule and test Valentin. He challenged her to return her sight to a daughter of her own, named Julia, who was born blind. Valentin accepted and, in the name of the Lord, returned his eyes.

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This fact shook Asterius and his family, who converted to Christianity. However, Valentinus continued to be imprisoned and the weak Emperor Claudius finally ordered him to be martyred and executed on February 14, 270.

The young Julia, grateful, planted an almond tree with pink flowers by her grave. Hence the almond tree is a symbol of lasting love and friendship.

Celebration in some countries

This day is traditionally Western, since it dates back to Germanic Europe, from where it passes to the United States and there to much of the world, but has now spread to other countries, such as China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, between others.


In Argentina it is called “Valentine ‘s Day” and celebrated marriage between couples. It is not usual to send cards or hearts, something that is considered more typical of the Anglo-Saxon world. Nor is it the only day related to love: the week prior to the Day of the Friend (July 20), is celebrated the Week of Sweetness, which has gained great popularity in recent years. During this week is habitual to gift candies and kisses.

In Bolivia the so – called ‘Day of Love and Friendship’ is on September 21. It is the first day of spring and traditionally couples of grooms exchange flowers, gifts and cards.

In Brazil the so – called ‘dos Namorados Day’ (Day of the couple) is June 12, in memory of San Antonio de Padua, famous for being holy matchmaker. Couples of bride and groom exchange gifts and cards. It is celebrated on this date, since February is the month in which the carnival is celebrated.

In Chile it is celebrated on February 14, Valentine ‘s Day or Valentine’s Day, but the Friendship Day is celebrated in late June. The usual thing is to send greetings through social networks. “It is the day when most flowers are given, after Mother’s Day celebrated on the second Sunday of May. People go out in the evenings to dine, but reservations must be made well in advance. The traditional thing is that the man gives the woman chocolate, and she gives him a love letter, “says journalist Paloma Díaz.

In Colombia it is not celebrated on February 14 but in September, as commercially February is the month of the school season in most of the country. It is common the tradition of the secret friend, which consists of giving and sending gifts without this knowing who gave them.

In Costa Rica it is called “Valentine ‘s Day”, also “Valentine ‘s Day” or “Day of Love and Friendship” and is celebrated between partners, family and friends, it is customary to give away chocolates, flowers, gifts, cards and At night couples usually have a romantic dinner.


In South Korea , they are in love who give chocolate to their sweethearts. A month later these guys will have to correspond by making a gift to their lover.

In Cuba it is known as “day of love” or “Valentine ‘s Day”. It has already become a tradition that on this day gifts and flowers are given to their partner, in places are placed mailboxes where they express affection towards other people; Whether friends or lovers. The young people look forward to this date so that they can express to those who love everything they feel.

In Denmark white flowers are given away and letters are sent. These letters are signed substituting the vowels for points. If the girl guesses who sends the letter, she gives it with an egg on Easter.

In Ecuador is celebrated on February 14 with roses, cards, serenades, night between married couples, boyfriends and friends dinner.

In the United States and Canada are typical valentines that are nothing more than greeting cards that made children and exchange with friends.

In Spain this festival began to celebrate the mid-twentieth century, with the motive to encourage the purchase of gifts. It is often said that this party was introduced by the store chain Galerías Preciados. It is celebrated on February 14th.

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In Britain and Italy in addition to celebrating Valentine lovers and in love, celebrate single. Tradition says that the single women appear at the window just rise and the first man to pass and see them will marry them. Also in some areas of England people bake muffins made with caraway seeds, prunes or raisins. Italians also prepare copious meals for the whole family and for friends.

In Japan , the Valentine ‘s Day is celebrated since the mid-twentieth century, initially fueled by chocolate company Morozoff in 1936. As a special feature , the fact that it is women who give chocolates to men, whether their family is highlighted , Friends or co-workers. As a kind of compensation, also created by the merchants, the men return the favor one month later, on March 14, a celebration known as White Day, a day in which white chocolates, marshmallows or Any gift of white color, even underwear.

In Mexico the love between boyfriends or husbands giving roses and chocolates on February 14 is shown, and for friends established that on July 30 is the International Day Amistad.2

In Nicaragua it called “Day of Love and Friendship” and celebrated with family and friends, every February 14.

In Peru this celebration is known as “Day of Love and Friendship”. On this date the exchange of cards, stuffed animals and chocolate chocolates, specially designed and decorated for this occasion are very popular. Among the most precious gifts are the orchids, native to the Peruvian flora.

In Puerto Rico  it is celebrated on February 14 and is known as “Day of Love and Friendship”, “Saint Valentine”, “Valentine ‘s Day”, etc. It is customary among friends to make exchange of gifts, send postcards and / or chocolates. Among the couples it is customary to give themselves chocolates, roses, plushies, postcards, perfumes, among other things. In workplaces and schools, gift exchanges are exchanged, mailboxes are placed to be sent to each other, postcards and little cards and dressed in red, etc.

In Dominican Republic it is known as “Valentine ‘s Day”, “Day of Love and Friendship” and “Valentine ‘s Day” is celebrated on February 14. It is customary to meet friends, send postcards, stuffed animals, flowers, chocolates, romantic dinners, etc. In some institutions they invite to dress in red and they do activities like angelitos, karaokes, serenades, interchanges, among others.

In Venezuela is celebrated on February 14, the day boyfriends, husbands, and friends, celebrate the day of love and friendship giving flowers, cards and chocolates, among the most common and meeting to share with the people closest.


Regardless of the origin of this celebration and the country where it is celebrated we can conclude that it is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate to our loved ones and friends the love, affection, admiration we have for that staff. Happy Valentine ‘s Day!

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