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The Most Beautiful Compliments Of Love For A Woman Happy Valentines Day 2019

The Most Beautiful Compliments Of Love For A Woman Happy Valentines Day 2019 Are you looking for nice piropos with which to seduce a woman? Then you’re in luck, because we have the prettiest compliments to seduce that girl you like so much, and get her by your side for a long time.


I wish it were the air that touches your hair, the sun that warms your skin, the water that quenches your thirst and the love that in you finds its full meaning.

Happy Valentines Day To My Love
Happy Valentines Day To My Love 2019

Happy Valentine Day Love Photo

At your side I have spent some of the best moments that I have lived, that is why I tell you that I love you and that if you want to go out with me.

By the moon would give a kiss, give everything for the sun. But by the light of your gaze, I give my life and heart.

I would live in your head and be inside you to know in what moments you are thinking of me.wallpaper-3-copy

In this life everything seems to me going too fast. But everything stops when I’m with you and I enjoy your smile.

 I am building a pirate ship with which to navigate your lips and enter to your very heart.

Happy Valentines Day 2019

How old are you? You can not have gotten so much beauty in so short a time without stealing it.

Because your smile gives life, give me one to rejoice the rest of the day.

Tender and necessary as bread, smooth and elegant as silk and sweet as honey, are your body, your hair and your skin.

When you are in the sea you are a mermaid, when you are on earth you are pure beauty, and when you are in my arms you are my whole life.

If it were a butterfly it would go from flower to flower, to the window of your room to say “hello, my love”.

You are what I love most, and I am crazy about you, and you do not know how much I suffer, when you are not with me.

God did not make you any ribs. Made you a piece of heaven. And I am fortunate to caress it with my fingers.

I think I’m sick. Sick of your love. When I feel the air, I smell your breath. Compliments of loveLucky me. All my life feeling invincible, and you come, so little thing, and with a simple look you disarm me.

I would put the whole world at your feet for a smile and a love.

I live in Calle del Cariño, with the corner of the Heart, and around the Oblivion, my number, so you do not forget, is that of Love.

Poets need a pen with which to write. I am always in need of your kisses to live.

Maybe our love will ever end, but rest assured that what you mean will not be erased from my heart.

I think with my head, I breathe with my lungs, I walk with my feet, and my heart I have only to remember your skin.

I know your heart is occupied by many people. But, please, save me a little corner, where I can be quiet next to you.

In you I think every day and although you do not believe me you are all my life

I have been able to let you go a thousand times and a thousand times I have wanted to keep you by my side. I know that an angel like you should be in heaven, but without you I am finished.

 I thought of a compliment. Something like I’ve been thinking about you since I met you. I know it’s not a true compliment, but it’s what I felt from the first moment.

What makes a day star walking down the street?

I have twenty friends, and with you twenty-one. I love you all the same, but you as none.

You started as a friend, then as an illusion. And now you’re the most beautiful thing I keep in my heart.

When they ask you for a fire, answer: Is not that good with your eyes when I see you?

As the sea dies on the rock, I die for giving you a kiss on the mouth.

I wish you were next to me, but life is like this, I just want you to be clear that even in the distance I’m always thinking about you.

Your gaze provokes me, the sun and the moon would fall for her, and for a kiss of your mouth I do not know what I would do.

I have spoken with the wise men, and they have told me that I can only heal myself with a kiss from your lips.

I love you when you kiss me, I love you when you call me, but above all, I love you when you tell me that without me you are nothing.

Cupid throws an arrow to unite lovers. I throw myself completely to be with you by the side.

At the work table I had your name written, so when I was fired I had to take her with me.

Happy Valentine Day Love Photo

The world is a treasure, and love the greatest wealth. You are that to me, the most important thing in nature.

Neither the most beautiful roses in the world, nor the poetry of love, can come close to describing, what my heart feels.

When I am with you, I feel master of the world, because you are that world, and you are mine as much as I am yours.

I do not know if you came out of the sea, mermaid; I do not know if the field, flower; I do not know if you fell from the sky, star; Nor how you stole my heart.

 When I call you and you do not take it, or when you pick up but you are not, I feel like dying and I only live to see you one more time.

Some want power, others want money, and others want it as impossible as the sun. Luckily, what I want is just a hole in your heart.

Last night I dreamed something that made me lose my mind, I dreamed that I gave you a kiss, and in return you gave me your heart.

I want to spend my life with you. Grow old with you, give you children and die together and together. Ever since I met you, I always knew you were mine.

You have the key of my heart, so that you fill it with your love, you are the only one that I love and appreciate, I love you very much my master

Sometimes, looking at your eyes, I feel that I fall into the void, that I have nowhere to hold on to. I feel an uncontrollable vertigo. Then you smile, and you fill my soul with peace.

Whenever I pass by your side my heart asks to kiss you, but reason tells me that I have to respect you.Valentines Love 

Your first kiss I almost did not want to accept. But when you gave me the second, I promised myself I would not let you go.

I can not describe what I feel for you, because love is something so huge that you can only feel it.

It can not be that black is the color of mourning, I do not think it is true, because that is the color of your eyes, and I am filled with happiness.

I like the sea, I like its breeze. But nothing compares to the pleasure of your smile.

I always thought that heaven did not exist. Now I know I do. It is on this earth, but only if I am with you.

 So much time thinking that my problem was that I did not know how to love, and it turns out that it was that I had not found a woman like you, whom I had to need.


I’m just happy by your side, and that gives me a fear that overwhelms me. So, if you love me, promise me you will never leave me.


In recent times there is much talk about whether compliments of love are a form of harassment or not. But, in fact, most women enjoy compliments, as long as they are elegant and not obscene and vulgar .

Women complain that they do it more by ideology than by the feeling that awakens in them when they receive them. Therefore , I think denoting the compliments is an error in which it is not advisable to go deeper.

Also, in this particular case, it should be noted that the compliments are not only used with strangers, they can also be used with your girlfriend, for example, so that you can unleash the passion with the spark of a single sentence.

In any case, I do not like to get into politics, so I will simply offer you a few compliments with which you can conquer women and get your girlfriend to be much happier next to you.

That’s what you were after, after all, is not it? Your use of them is your responsibility.


My recommendation when using these compliments is that you measure well the trust you have with the person in question , and the type of compliment that is used. What am I talking about?

You have to understand that some compliments are more provocative than others. Some have more polite characteristics, and those can be used with any woman, even unknown. But, in case it is a more spicy, it should be dedicated to girls you know better.

So, you can intuit before using your answer .

Also you have to keep in mind that you can not repeat them very often, because one of the compliments thanks is that they are original and surprise, as with jokes. If you use them often and do not change them, that condition is lost.


Lastly, you also have to keep in mind that compliments should go according to your personality. It does not make much sense that you use a provocative compliment being very timid, because if the girl answers you in a bad way, you may feel especially unsuccessful.

If you enjoyed reading this article I recommend that you take a look at our article about beautiful  love phrases .

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