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Why should not celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Sometimes I meet people who do not think you have to celebrate Valentine’s Day and it is roughly the same reasons they use. Basically, there are three reasons why people do not want to celebrate Valentines Day 2017.The classical argument is that “Valentine’s Day is a commercial anniversary”, created by florists and worse. The second reason is that they do not feel they have the time or money to celebrate Valentine’s Day and the last “group” are the singles that do not have a girlfriend to share the day with. Whichever group “you are in, I think that you should make it a special day.

I do not think that you can only please his girlfriend with an expensive-shopping bouquet of flowers on this day. If you are like me, so pick a small bouquet itself. If you have no money or time for that matter, write a sweet morning greetings to your girlfriend before you go home. Such small things give your girlfriend a better day and making Valentines for something more special than the rest of the year’s 364 days. And that’s what Valentine’s Day is all about.

Valentine’s Day is not about expensive gifts or romantic experiences that have taken hours to plan and half a farm to buy. The day is about being caring and do something for his girlfriend because he or she deserves it. Around the website there are a lot of these small free romantic ideas that do not cost a penny and that are easy to “arrange” and they are the ones you should build.

What about the singles?

Finally, there is the group of people who do not have a girlfriend to share the day with. For them, my advice – make the day special by pamper yourself .

You deserve a day when it’s all about YOU ! Allow yourself to feel the life, the joys and all the wonderful options you have for creating you the life you want. Place the TV, computer and cell phone on break, sit on your couch and enjoy that you are in this world. I myself – and the majority of the Danish population – are too poor to it, while the other pair enjoying each other and that they have together, you deserve to be there for yourself.

You can look at life and the many things happening around one in many ways. Either one can be against Valentine or also can make it a special and wonderful day. I choose the latter. For me, Valentine for one of the little things that spreads joy in me and my girlfriend’s life.

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