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There Are No Excuses On Happy Valentine Day

There Are No Excuses.Today, written a post that can inspire you and your boyfriend to get a better relationship:

There are no excuses for not giving a compliment to your girlfriend every day.

My boyfriend and I have always really busy, both with school / education, work and hobbies, separately. It can be really sad not to see each other a whole day or several days in a row, but it does not mean that you cannot please each other anyway.

For a time, so we each other for several days. One went on night work, while the other was free, and vice versa. There was always something one should.

The little things make a big difference for Happy Valentine Day Love 2017

I was about to go sour in everyday life and the thought of living with someone who is not so, was tiresome.

One morning I wake up and there is a note on my boyfriend’s pillow, where it says:

“You look so lovely peaceful out when you sleep. Have a nice day”

It made me so happy that I could do the rest of the day. I left a note on the mirror in the bathroom for my boyfriend when he would come home at night:

“Thanks for your message, you are the sweetest boyfriend in the world.”Happy Valentine Day 

As time went on, we put a lot of cash around, as we both looked forward to coming home and it’s a great way to remind one another. If you are into small notes on the fridge, mirror, on the pillow or on the dining table – please send a sweet sms.

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