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7 Secrets That No Girl Tells Her Boyfriend

7 Secrets That No Girl Tells Her Boyfriend If a girl tells you she needs space, that does not mean, at all, that she does not want to see you, or that she has stopped loving you. She just wants you to understand that t gene important things to do and you need them alone. Nyob zoo Valentine hnub


  1. We have a sixth sense and we understand body language

It is well known, that all women have a sixth sense, especially if it is about relationships. We always realize and analyze all the little details, and that includes everything from body language to the hairstyle that has been done that day.

Once we realize something we considersuspicious”, we start to spin and think, although you may not even be aware of what it is, what bothers you exactly.

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  1. We want honesty, without coarseness

Often, men tend to confuse these two terms.

While it is true, that all the girls are looking for our men to be sincere, we do not like being talked rude.

Example: You try a new dress does not suit all, it marks the hips, makes you bellyand you ask your boyfriend how he sees you

Answer A) You look great

Reply B) you look like a pregnant seal

Answer C) I think That dress does not favor you, surely with another you will look better. Let’s look.

Which answer do you prefer?

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  1. We like surprises

What girl does not like being surprised? It seems very complicated to understand for most of the male population.

This is not to say, you have to go to a jewelry store and buy the world’s largest (that good .. if you like …) diamond with a simple detail, a sweet, a massage when you get home , hug wake up In the morningSimply, with initiative, concern and love towards her, you will have her in the boat.

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