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The drama of Valentine’s Day 2019

There are times when one wonders if the hazards of the calendar are not intended to throw oil on the fire or salt on the embers. This is how Valentine’s Day this year is likely to turn to disaster, the fiasco, Berezina conjugal or not. While, for several years, the world must stop turning to free lovebirds and turtledoves every February 14 that succeeds on Earth, this year, devious minds have decided otherwise.

Valentine’s Day 2019

Even if the restaurant owners display their special menus, the medianoches lovers are supposed to gather all those who live in pairs without worries of the kind-because our valentine Valentine’s Day would not have endorsed the extravagances of the demo for all or even positions too rigorous Penelope and Ulysses doing tapestry in front of their unique bank account – the risk is great to have a fiasco this year. The party will be a white cabbage and no birth will come from this poor vegetable.

Happy Valentine Day



Not that lover will hurry into political rallies. When we love life a little bit, here is a place to avoid, but well, because the sirens of the division will resound, once again, in our country. The choice offered to the riders, very cavalier, will undoubtedly, undoubtedly, very revealing of their supposed love for their beauty.

To offer a bouquet of roses was already to take the risk of a return of thorns or, more certainly, a poisoning with pesticides, which, let’s face it, is very little recommended, especially when one affuble its playmate of the delicate nickname of “My dear!”But this time, the drama is of a different nature and greatly worries the professionals of the festive nonsense.

On Tuesday, February 14th, Valentine’s Day and the goujats, the malotrus, the gougnafiers, the imbeciles and other strange specimens of the men with very weak intellectual capacities, will prefer to their beautiful, their marvelous, their so tender companions, a troop of young men exposing their legs without any shame. The shift of this society towards a planetary exhibition of the most primary impulses is under way.

For this turning point in the history of mankind to have occurred, it took the funding and complicity of the oil princes, the money powers and the media of futility. The buttocks must recoil in front of the thigh; the wing is preferred to the delicious “beaks” of lovers. The poor companions of these dreadful lurons will see them wallowing on sofas in the company of accomplices as unshaven as they. Many men have thus transferred their cuti and prefer that evening romp with their fellow rather than with their companion.

Happy Valentine Day Love 2017

Happy Valentines Day Love


Beer and pizza will replace the delicate champagne bubbles and petits fours expertly cooked by the specialists of the frozen products of first price. The love will make an oven and a cold snap will settle in the men-women relations at the end of the evening. The large flat screen will be preferred to the round table decorated with candles; the tete-a-tete will be supplanted by the tete-tail of the selfish pleasures of man.

There will be no Valentine’s Day when the fate of the twenty-two young people in shorts will be played in front of the television cameras and a few million spectators and television viewers admiring and fanaticized. Ladies, do not wait for your mate to invite you that evening to the restaurant: he will have much better things to do than to pay attention and compliments; the European football match between PSG and Barcelona will be his only concern.

I invite you to better choose the next time, to avoid those crazy and boisterous beings. Love may be blind, but it must also be deaf and with immense patience to support such characters. There must be gallant characters in the country capable of inviting you and not taking you to these infamous restaurants where television is a place of conversation. If necessary, do three or more cleaning, even if the applicants are rare. In any case, it will be much better than the fine part of your buddy gougnafier with his twenty-two idols.


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