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Like an Older Man | Happy Valentines Day Love

Do you want a man who is a few years older than you? Keep reading to find out how to make her fall in love with you.


Talk to him. This is the best way to start. If you do not know who you are, how will you do to like it? It can be hard to talk to someone who does not know you, so just try to make yourself your friend, or start talking to him on Facebook. You can also trip over him for “accident” and then apologize.

Try to meet him Ask him things. Men love to talk about themselves, like girls. But if you want to be with him, you’re going to have to sacrifice the fact of talking about you, unless he asks you. Ask him if he plays a sport, what kind of music he listens to or his favorite movie. Whatever it is but make sure they are not too strange.



rose-day-timeline-images-for-friendWalk with him outside of school. Show him how you are when you are not in school.

It looks bigger. Dress more maturely, wear more tight clothing that highlights your figure, but do not wear poor quality clothing. Do not wear very provocative clothes or he will misinterpret your intentions with him.

Make yourself up This is a difficult issue with men. Some guys prefer women with makeup and others who do not like it. Therefore, try to know what he likes. Talk to him about what he likes in a woman. Do not put on too much makeup in case if you like it, use a minimum amount.

Have confidence. He will not see you as anything more than a friend if you are too shy. Men like women who talk. But do not be too strong with this topic, you will look bad. If you’re with a group of people, do not just talk to him, you’ll scare him. Speak with all people. Occasionally he talks to him but then he returns to the group. If he looks at you, return the look with a smile, then look away.

Happy Valentines Day Love 2017



Be yourself. If you like thin girls with blond hair, blue eyes and completely different dresses, and you are not like that, do not change. You are beautiful, remember it. If he likes you, he will not want to change anything. Do not stop trying, but never change to please someone else, just for you.

Tell him how you feel. Do not use electronic messages, do it face to face. Tell him that you really like him and that you have to take out all the feelings that come from your heart. Do not tell him that you are totally in love with him, nor that you are obsessed with him since you will scare him. If he does not feel the same and just smiles, do not worry, keep going. There are many fish in the sea, you just have to find the right one.


  • Do not change for him, just for you.
  • Use little makeup.
  • Be yourself, be beautiful.


  • He could only be looking for sex. If you’re not ready, forget about it. Never let them press you.




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