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When Did You Last Looked Your Sweetheart’s Face

A deep look in your boyfriend’s eyes, is worth a thousand words!

When have you experienced the special magic that occurs when you take your girlfriend in hand and looking him deep into my eyes and just let time stand still? Unfortunately, it is one of the soft values we often forget, but actually, so it is also about more than just sweet romance and love Happy Valentines Day Love 2017

Look each other in the eyes for several minutes

when you look his girlfriend in the eyes, then something magical happening. The time stops and you forget everything and everything around her. One is connected in a way that neither can nor should be described, but which can be experienced. Not only it is an amazing wonderful feeling, it also creates the presence and the “density”, which is so important for a good and healthy relationship.

The eyes are the mirror of the soulEyes says it all – these are known in love

Besides it’s a nice feeling to look his girlfriend in the eyes, so it is also about something quite basic. Eyes can not lie. They are mirror of the soul and can show your girlfriend’s mind and condition. So besides that it can be really nice to look his girlfriend in the eyes once in a while, so you can also see how your girlfriend have it – just by looking at his or her eyes.

Have you ever thought about it?

If not, then you can certainly avoid many of your little quarrels, if you start to do it. Most people try namely to forget the problems. Instead of processing them so that we can tackle them, so we try to be them behind us. The problem is that we humans can not forget, as all the outstanding things that will always be in unconsciousness and eventually emerge.

So when your boyfriend has had a hard day at work and come home and try to forget the day, then the “savings” frustration easily be expressed in the strangest ways, which guaranteed get behind you and therefore it can easily end up in a quarrel because you do not understand him / her.

The “easiest” is of course if you learn to say it, but we know enough all along that it is an exercise in itself any time. But if you instead start by looking in your lover’s eyes when he or she comes home. If you start to feel for how he or she has it, then you have much easier by helping and being there.

Engage in it. Happy Valentine Day 

if you have not tried some of the parts before, so it can be quite overwhelming and a bit akvaet, the strange look in your boyfriend’s eyes for several minutes. But the first time you’ve done it and I both have felt the wonderful feeling that spreads through the body, so it will become easier for you next time and eventually it will feel, at the very most natural. So dive into it – you will not regret it and your sweetheart will love you for it!

I know certainly well what I need when I see my girlfriend later today!

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