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5 ideas to celebrate a low cost Happy Valentine’s Day

If you want to have a detail with your partner on February 14, do not think you should impress her with dinners in trendy restaurants or that you are forced to buy her a jewel or a very expensive perfume. All this is very good if you can afford it, but it is not necessary nor is it the only way to show how much you love the person with whom you share your life. Romanticism has nothing to do with a credit card!

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Here are 5 ideas to celebrate a “low cost” Valentine:

Give him your words. Is there anything more romantic than a love letter? And yet, how few people write or receive one today. If you give it to your partner, he will keep it as a treasure. Even if you live together, leave it in the mailbox or with your work bag. And if writing by hand is definitely not your thing, you can also tell the whole world how much you love your partner by posting it on your Facebook wall. It is not that they need the applause or the approval of others, but it is a nice way to declare your love and recognize all the good that it brings.

Take a special walk. Whether you live in a big city or in a town, there are sure to be special places where you can spend a few hours enjoying the tranquility and beauty without spending money or paying very little. A visit to a museum or the botanical garden. A cafe with a secret garden. A tour of the park at sunset or, if you have it near, the river or the beach. Rediscover the pleasure of walking at a leisurely pace, talking about this and that, holding hands, watching the people passing by or the sunset. Without cell phone, without hurry, without consuming.




Kitchen for him or her. Preparing a homemade romantic dinner does not have to take long or be complicated. Forget about sophisticated dishes or wanting to impress them. Cook something rich, light and visually appealing. Play with colors and textures. Combine ingredients following your intuition. And if you do not want to prepare the typical dinner, make a breakfast , a snack, a brunch … Or everything! You can serve it on a tray with a flower, or buy some nice plates and napkins with hearts in the bazaar. The important thing is that you put your heart and your personal touch.

Organize an erotic evening. Enjoying the senses is a pleasure that does not cost money and that gives many more satisfactions than the most expensive of the gifts. And no, we’re not giving you the typical advice of put-your-lingerie-erotic-and-turn-it-crazy. You can wear it, but there are many other ways to enjoy, more relaxed and in the end more pleasant. For example, decorate the house with candles, a natural perfume and sensual music. A simple red handkerchief covering a lamp will give the apartment an exotic look. Get yourself massage oil and dedicate yourself to traverse the body of the other calmly, without looking for anything other than to awaken your sensuality. Take a bath together, dances embraced, eat something sweet, make love slowly, savoring every moment.

Have an unforgettable detail. To make a gift is not essential to go to the mall. In fact, if you really care about the person, it’s better that you do not go. Look for something that is truly special to him or her and what you can do best. For example, if you like to paint, make a picture. If you are good at singing, sing a song (even better if you invent it). If you are not especially creative or imaginative, you can look for a special detail that does not cost a lot of money. An old box or an artisan necklace. Some tickets to see a movie in a film library or a concert in a jazz room. A vintage album. The important thing, once again, is to do it with love.




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