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How to invite a girl out

Asking a girl out should be easy. All you have to do is ask her, right? But it is not always easy especially if you are shy or nervous. But at some point, you will have to take a step forward and have the courage to do it or you will stay forever asking yourself what would have happened? Read these guidelines, take out some courage and invite her out.

Measure your interest. Is she making contact with your eyes? Smile? Do you laugh? Do you have a good time talking to you? If so, you’re on the right track. What happens if she stares at you because she is angry because you do not stop looking at her? This is not a good sign and she might get irritated. Make sure you keep hidden what you feel for her and that is not very obvious.

Realize how many times it’s your turn. If she is trying all the time to touch your hand or find excuses to do so, she is probably interested in you. However, do not think that she does not like you if she does not touch you. On the other hand, do not start touching her if she is not having any contact with you. This usually scares or intimidates girls. If she does not look at you again, calm down and look for an excuse to talk to her.

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Observe how she looks at you. If she likes you, she will also hold your gaze for a while or remove it immediately. Any of these could mean that he likes you. If you take a look at her and you see that she is staring at you, then this means that she does not like you or that she does, although she could move her head quickly in another direction. If she does not look at you for a while, check your teeth. If you take them off quickly, this could mean that she is nervous but that she still likes you.

  • Remember, if you’re having a conversation, girls tend to look in the face, so do not quickly think that you like them just because you’re talking and she’s listening to you. If you never talk to the girl, the chances of going out with her will diminish. Friendship leads to falling in love but non-friendship leads to nothing.

Look at it directly. While you’re talking you should make sure to look her in the face and specifically in the eyes. Pay attention to what he says, so when she asks you or stops talking you can continue the conversation intelligently. Do not catch yourself staring at another part of her body (especially her breasts). Very few women like this. If she neither looks at you nor ignores you, go away and leave her alone for a while. Some girls do not like to look the boys in the eyes while they talk.

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Help her Offer to carry something heavy, take the food to the office, do something nice for her. If you reject it, then wait until you need help or agree. You probably feel down or have a bad day. Be friendly and open with her. If she walks fast, do not follow her or say: “what’s wrong?” just keep going.

Make sure you smell good and you’re well-groomed. You do not need to dress like a wedding dress and jacket to ask her out, but you should make sure your clothes are clean, well groomed, that your teeth are brushed and that you have put on deodorant. NEVER put on the same clothes again, you probably wear a red sweatshirt on Monday and the same one on Tuesday.

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Get closer to the girl you like. Do not worry about telling him something very smart. Simply say: “Hello” or “What’s up?” When the conversation comes out more fluid you can say some flattery or ask something

  • If starting conversations is not your strong point, read these articles:
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  • How to get to interesting conversation topics?

Have a fun and informal tone of voice. Do not make that moment seem like a big thing. Flirt a little! Relax, tell a joke and break the barrier when approaching.

When the time is right. Ask her  if he wants to go to the movies or do anything else that both of them like. You could even invite her to “happy hour” in a bar that both of you enjoy. Try to make it original, different.

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  • You could say: “I heard about this movie _______.” What do you think? If she says she looks good, ask her if she would like to go see her with you. If she asks: “How do we get out? Say:” yes “. Girls prefer guys who are sure of themselves rather than cowards.
  • Another thing you could say while maintaining an informal tone of voice is: “There is a premiere for Saturday night. Do you want to come with me? I think it will be fun if we go together. “

It shows security. If she asks if you are inviting her to movie, say yes. Girls like self-confident types.

Prepare to be rejected. Stay cool if she says no. Smile and answer something kind like. “No problem! Maybe another time”. Change the conversation to something else or leave if you do not want to stay around. Act as if you do not need it sometimes that awakens a girl’s interest. If she grimaces and shouts: “Oh my God! No way!” That indicates that she is very rude to you. Leave her alone and go to another girl. Do not let it hurt your feelings; it would take you to leave you lifeless. Some girls do not like this kind of thing.


  • Some girls get nervous when a boy approaches. If you start to bite your lip, look away, blush a lot or show some sign of nervousness, give it time to think about it. After two or three weeks, ask again, I could say yes.
  • Ask him when they are alone. If there are others around you could create pressure and she could say yes or no. But you want a sincere answer.
  • Remember that all girls are different and that tricks do not apply to all equally, so use your own judgment.
  • Do not be scared by the rejection. Most girls have a big heart and you will not be easily disappointed, if possible. Some will agree to leave once because you asked them and they are kind. Do not take it in a bad way. This simply means that she appreciates you and does not want to hurt you but does not love you so much as to have a relationship with you.
  • Being relaxed and safe is the difference between being comfortably quiet and unbearably quiet. It is normal to have a moment of rest in conversation. Do not sweat Probably she will also be nervous.
  • Ask him directly for his e-mail or for his social media such as Facebook, it will be impersonal. Many girls admire your confidentiality if you are not arrogant about it.
  • When you approach the girl, try to start the conversation by saying: “Hi, can I talk to you? Or can I ask you something? ” It’s a good way to “catch her by surprise”. Sure you want the conversation to be as fluid as possible.
  • If you have too many appointments then a girl could leave you for thinking that you like to play. Girls tend to date boys who are reliable and can maintain a relationship. The worst thing for a girl is when a boy asks her and then breaks up with her quickly.
  • Before you can give him a flower or a box of chocolates.
  • It does not necessarily have to be the cinema the obligatory site, because if this one is not to your liking there are other options; It can be walking around a shopping center, a tourist site, an amusement park, etc. Even going with her to some place of water like the beach or the pool could be fantastic; just make sure that this is not in the first appointments but later so that the charm is not lost.
  • Remember: a girl always wants someone safe, not a coward. BEWARE, that does not mean asking him to be his girlfriend or wife, especially if you are too old for this.




  • Do not assume that she is giving you signs of something. If a girl is being nice, this does not always mean she is interested in you. She could be a friendly and normal person trying to be nice talking to everyone.
  • Your chances of being rejected increase if you do not ask her directly. Avoid e-mail, phone, Facebook or Twitter to ask.
  • Be persistent but not too much. If he rejects you kindly then he is telling you in a very polite way that he is not interested in you. If she rejects you quickly, retire. You do not want me to think you’re a stalker.
  • You do not always need to be friends with her before you invite her out. You can go to another girl on the street, in a cafe and ask her for an appointment. Just make sure you make a good impression the first time.
  • You must be very careful, suddenly the girl can have a boyfriend and if he finds out in some way you can create a problem, even if that was not your intention. Much more if he is jealous .
  • It is not absolutely necessary that you invite her to sumptuous sites that cost a lot of money. If she demands it then she is pretentious (gomela, strawberry, daughter of daddy and mommy, cheta or sifrina).

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