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How to handle a new relationship | Happy Valentines Day Love

Are you in a new relationship? That’s great! However, not knowing how to handle it is not so great. What should you say? What should you do? How should you act? Do not panic. You can handle a new relationship if you start by knowing each other, communicating and taking your time.

Method 01

Start to know each other

Be yourself. Let your new partner have the opportunity to know more about you and your virtues. Do not change just to please their tastes and desires. Remember that if you did not like what you really are, I would not be with you.

  • Be honest about the things that you like and dislike, as well as about the things you agree with.
  • For example, if you do not like basketball, do not pretend that you are excited about the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship.
  • If you like to draw, show some of your drawings.


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Converse Even if you know enough about your partner to be in a relationship, there are many things you do not know about her and vice versa. The more you know your partner, the better they can understand each other and their relationship will be even stronger.

  • Talk about everyday things, for example, about how your day was, funny things your friends did or your plans for the weekend.
  • Talk to your partner to find out more about their dreams and goals. Share your hopes and aspirations with her.
  • Talk about your fears, worries and even about your mistakes. Sharing these things will form a bond between you.

Pay attention to the small details. You will learn a lot about your partner by listening to them, but you will learn a lot more by observing them and paying attention to other details about them. Realize what kind of music, movies and TV shows you like. What things make her laugh? What things make her angry? What things do you like or comment on online?

Do new things. Because your partner and you are two different people, they will have things in common, but they will also have different interests, opinions, among others. You should be willing to do things your way from time to time and maybe you could discover something that you like or learn something new.

  • Let me tell you about your hobbies and teach you how to do them, as we all love to feel expert in something. You can also teach him how to perform your favorite activities.
  • Listen and consider your opinion about the place you want to go, the activities you want to do, how to do certain things, among others.
  • Do not feel pressured to do something you do not want. You can try to do new things without leaving aside your ethics, values and beliefs.




Spend time together. The best way to get to know each other is to spend time together. Try to interact in different environments so that you can experience its different facets. [3]

  • Spending time alone will give them the opportunity to be able to pay attention to each other without distractions.
  • Carrying out group activities will allow you to observe how you interact with other people.
  • Not only pay attention to things that seem great, but also to the things that make her feel comfortable or uncomfortable, the type of activities or environments that she likes, among other things.

Spend a separate time. Although you probably want to spend all your time together, it’s also a good idea to spend time apart. Doing so will allow them to have things to talk about when they are together. Also, this will give you time to reflect on your partner and their relationship.

  • Do activities and go to different places without your partner. Remember that before you started your relationship you had certain interests. Do not abandon them.
  • Give yourself time for your friends and family. Remember that, although you are in a relationship, there are also people in your life who need to spend time with you and who want to spend time with you.
  • Make sure you give yourself time to take care of your responsibilities (clean your room, finish your homework, feed your fish, among other things).

Method 02

Learn to communicate

Speak and listen to her. Maintaining good communication will help you improve your new relationship and allow you to get to know each other better. It will also help them reduce misunderstandings and confusions. However, remember that communication is reciprocal. Make sure you listen to your partner as much as you talk.

  • Even if it’s just a text message that says “good morning” or an afternoon call, communicate frequently. Everyone likes to feel that someone thinks about them.
  • Give yourself time to sit down and talk. Talk about your day, your goals, your fears, your friends, among other things.
  • Listen to what I have to say and share with you. Use your conversations as a way to learn more about each other and support each other.
  • Talk about serious and important things in person.




Say what you think. When something bothers you, say something about it. It is better to say what you think when something bothers you instead of letting it go and letting it become a big problem in the future. Remember that your relationship is still new and your partner still does not know all your limits.

  • Tell him what you think calmly and privately, and do not use an accusatory tone.
  • For example, do not shout something like “You’re a thoughtless! You have told our problems to other people! “In the commercial center.
  • Instead, wait to be alone and say something like, “Hello, honey, I want to tell you that it bothers me that you talk about our personal problems with strangers. Can we keep our problems between us? “

Disagree In any relationship, there are times when both will not agree and that is normal. The manner in which you communicate during a disagreement (rather than the simple fact of disagreement) will determine how long your new relationship will last. [8] Relationships are measured by the quality of reconciliation compared to the frequency or intensity of differences.

  • The differences only mean that both are different people who have two different ways of seeing or doing things.
  • Focus on what is right and not on who is right. To strengthen your relationship, it is better to try to solve the problem instead of blaming yourself.
  • Speak with respect and avoid saying things just because you are upset or feel hurt.
  • Be able to “agree to disagree” on certain topics. Accept that there are certain things that you will simply never see in the same way. If they are not important issues, it is good to accept that everyone has their own perspective.
  • Focus on expressing all your feelings during a discussion. Express all your feelings, emotions and opinions about the situation. However, you must then focus on fixing your relationship.
  • Call your partner after an argument. Ask him something like “Are you okay?” or “Is there something that bothers you yet?” Then, think of a special way to solve your discussion.


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Forget some things. Although it is important that you share your concerns, it is not necessary that you signal every insignificant aspect. Surely there will be things of your partner that bother you, but there are things that are not worth discussing or mentioning. Accept that some things are just charming crazies of your personality, just like your partner does with you.

  • If your problem is not against your ethics and values, it does not hurt anybody and does not merit them to end, try to forget it.
  • For example, the way your partner says “peacefully” instead of “specifically” may be a bit annoying, but it is not a problem that you need to end your relationship, so let it go.

Method 03

Take the relationship calmly

Talk about your relationship. Because this is new, they need to talk about the things they want and agree to the terms of privacy. It may be a bit strange at the beginning, but this rules out any confusion or misunderstanding that may arise later on.

  • Talk about the kind of intimacy with which you agree. For example, holding hands, hugging, kissing, and snuggling, among others.
  • You can say something like “It’s kind of weird to talk about this, but I want to tell you what things I agree with. I really like to hold hands, but I do not agree with …”
  • Talk about how fast or slow you want things to move between you, as well as feeling confident in every step you take.
  • For example, you can say something like “I want to take things slowly and enjoy the process of getting to know each other”.

Take one step at a time. There is no reason to hurry. Of course they will want to have physical contact, but remember that they are just beginning a relationship and there is still a lot of time ahead. [11] Learn in other ways before having intimacy. Taking one step at a time will allow you to enjoy each step of the process of getting to know each other.

  • Consider your emotional bond as a point of reference by which you can calculate if you are ready to have physical intimacy. Do you feel close enough, safe and open to express your feelings through physical intimacy?
  • Remember that neither of you has to do something you do not want to do or rush if you do not feel ready.
  • The simple fact that they have set limits does not mean that they should go straight to them.
  • For example, if you agree that your limit is kissing, do not start by kissing. Start by holding hands for a while and enjoy that closeness. Then hug and finally kiss.

Take the first step. When you are in a new relationship, you may both feel a little nervous about taking the first step. Once you talk about your physical limits, you probably should (or want) to be the one who takes the first step.

  • If you feel nervous, take a deep breath.
  • You can ask him if it’s okay to do it. It can be something very tender to say something like “Can I hold your hand?” Or “Can I kiss you?”
  • Do not worry if you feel a little strange at the beginning, just remember that your relationship is new and you are still getting to know each other.




Method 04

Evaluate the relationship

Talk about your relationship. Although their relationship is new, talking about how things are going between you will help them solve any problem that comes close. Talk about what works and what they like about their relationship, as well as about things that displease them.

Talk about the future of your relationship. Have an honest and realistic conversation about the future of your relationship. Making sure they both think the same about the future of their relationship will allow them to build a new relationship.

Accept when things do not work. Sometimes, relationships do not work and the sooner you accept it, the better for both of you. If they have come to know each other, have tried to communicate, have spent time together (and separated), have talked about their relationship and neither of them feels happy, you should consider talking about the possibility of continuing or not with it.


  • Carry out the interests and new things that your partner proposes in equal amounts (50:50).


  • Try not to be nervous. Remember that you like that person and you love her. Just try to enjoy your new relationship.

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