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Happy Valentines Day To The One I Love

Celebrate Valentine’s Day By Giving Your Body Love

Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and nutrition therapist Tine Grand jean suggests that you treat your body with everything it needs and puts habits on the shelf.

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Try to pay tribute to your basic needs in just one week.

Begin the day with time for food, water, movement, peace and intimacy with your loved ones. Before you give your hand at mails, makeup, window cleaning, TV and duty gatherings. Before duty and notions of requirements, try to make contact with your body and ask if it wants coffee or sleep. Food or biscuits. Whether it wants a new blouse or a long and loving hug. About the desires even a section on Netflix or 8 hours of sleep.Love Forever Valentines Day Facebook Cover Photo

There’s nothing wrong with coffee, TV shows, work and social activities. But there is often something wrong with the relationship between cultural and physical needs. There is something wrong with the time we leave back to the needs we have for thousands of years has survived to meeting. Feel what happens to your calm and your profits if you give space for full meals if you devote yourself to this, close contact with your fellow man.

Use the time well

I meet many who feel that the time before the mirror and wardrobe takes time at the dining table, with food and children. That time to meet the expectations takes time from being with our closest.

Food, clean water and sleep is a prerequisite to live, work, think clearly, remember, be happy, calm and energetic. Coffee and cheese sandwich should not take over. We are highly trained to meet the cultural needs and standards. But the closeness and love is a prerequisite for security and the balance of our hormones. Norms and obligations must not take over nearby and love.

In our actions we repress basic needs, when we choose to iron shirts, put hair, make-up and check Facebook before we sweep out the door with nothing or a little curds in the stomach. A cup of coffee can just kick a little sugar into the blood so that we can drive an hour or two. A colleague may have placed a roll of biscuits or homemade cake for the coffee machine. You have not really decided for you to live healthy, but your body is strongly attracted to the cake, because it is in a deep crisis with the lack of energy to keep all organs (including the brain) running. You can not resist the temptation. Therefore grabs a piece of the forbidden “fruit”.

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You think now that you have a backbone as an earthworm when you can not help it. I think that you have a strong survival instinct that ensures that you get energy and nutrients to the body and brain which will carry you through all your activities.

Good habits

A life held together by coffee, aspirin, chocolate, wine, and too fast pâté sandwiches for dinner gives us the happiness and energy that we crave.

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Try a week of pure water, 500 g. Coarse vegetables daily. Beautiful nuts and almonds, a little fish, legumes and little meat. Enjoy also like a bit of whole wheat bread / pasta, but do not exceed 50 percent of the day’s food. Try to go to bed at night. Read a good book. Get or give massage. Lie to happen. Do not have to do it with so hug or massage your kids, or a good friend. Spring out and go for a walk when the sun breaks through the winter clouds. Or start the day with just 20 minutes of brisk walking. Perhaps with your husband, your neighbor or a good friend.

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