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Happy Valentines Day To The Love Of My Life

Happy Valentines Day To The Love Of My Life Whether you want to fall in love with a man you currently do not have a relationship with, or if you want to fall in love with your current partner, it’s important to know what things make a man fall in love in order to apply them. On this occasion, we give some details that love a man.

Table of Contents 

1 Complacency

2 Insecurity

3 Mystery

4 Trivial surprises

5 Nonsense of this kind work better than a great trip.

6 Want to know more about how to conquer a man?




Although it sounds sexist, the truth is that complacency is one of those elements that help make love to a man. The fact that the woman is willing to please man, will always be something that will make him fall at your feet.

Of course, you should not submit to him, but use this strategy as a technique to make him fall in love with you. You may not like it, but the truth is that, over years of evolution, the role of women has been that, and we have it engraved in the mind.

Try to please him in little details that you do not pose any dilemma or problem, and see how little by little you pay more attention.

Yes, occasionally, do the opposite, to also find some resistance. Thus, you still maintaining your independence (essential if you adopt this technique), and at the same time, it those little challenges will make you feel more attracted to you.



As we have commented on several occasions, over thousands of years of evolution, man has taken the place of protecting women. I could extend myself in the scientific reasons for this, but it is not necessary, with that you know that it is, is enough.

Again, it may seem like something macho to you, but if you keep in mind that it is a strategy to fall in love with that person, you will not have any problems.

Show yourself insecure , so that he can take the role of your “protector”. This, unconsciously, makes him feel connected to you, in the role of being your man. It is one of the elements that make love in a man.



The mystery can be your best ally when it comes to flirting and falling in love with a man. Let there be things about you that he has to find out little by little, as if it were a puzzle, and an interest in solving it, love will be born by getting to know you in greater depth.Valntines Day 

Do not be transparent and easy to know 100%, save a little so he has to be interested in you and try to get that information that, apparently, you keep with zeal. Waking your interest is the best way to bring it to you and start to fall in love.


Surprises work very well at the time of falling in love with anyone, be it man or woman. However, in the case of men, it is preferable that surprises are trivial, not too grand.

Details that fall in love with a man

The reason for this is that man, evolutionarily, has had the role of protecting the family and the couple, as well as protecting himself. It has been the most “warlike” part of society, so to speak.

As you can guess, taking that role, surprises they used to be welcome, because rarely posed a good thing. Therefore, the surprises you offer should be trivial. Remember him at a particular moment important to him, a bag of goodies when you go to see him.


As you see, the details that love a man are very simple. Some may sound somewhat macho, but it is because we have treated them in a very cold. As we have already mentioned, you do not have to forget that you use those elements to make you fall in love. Nothing else.


You might ask how I can know so much about this subject, but the truth is that I am no expert. I learned everything from a book that was recommended to me when I tried to love the man in my life and my current partner, Óliver.

The book is called ” melt it Love “. If you want to know how this book helped me find and love the man of my life I recommend you read my story: Click here to read my story .happy-flirt-day-hd-wallpaper-06435

I hope all these tips and that my story inspire you to get that man that makes you sigh. Lose the fear, follow all these tips and the book and you can do it, I assure you.

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