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Happy Valentines Day My Love Quotes

Happy Valentines Day My Love Quotes I want to tell you that after seeing many of the comments on this topic of love I realized that women are much more encouraged when it comes to declaring love to the other person.

This has to change dear readers, we must express love in this world in which we turn on the television and all we hear is bad news.

We must change the world and for that we must begin to understand that romantic words are what nourish our heart and make it stronger and stronger.

I want to hear you say I love you the person you really love, I love you that husband or boyfriend who honestly feels that and you do not know how to describe it.

Happy Valentines Day

Please do not keep your feelings.

I understand that many times you look for sad phrases of love because you were deceived or a love disappointment I touch you at this moment in life, but think that we all pass through this stage.

To me I happened to be deceived, that they lie to me but also life then gave me another opportunity to find the love of my life with which I could form a family.

I am sure you will have your chance in love or that you already had it.

If you still do not get that person, I advise you not to look for my experience, I indicate that it comes when the time is as it is written in the history of every human being.

However if you have already found the love of your life enjoy it to the maximum, take care of it and always think that like everything has good moments and some that are more turbulent but if there really is love never fail to prove it.

I remember when I was very in love with a person I never told you I love you, it’s a big mistake I made and I learned over time.


This person always had the doubt that if I really loved him I understand that he had insecurities but also because I was provoked by not telling him when I was with how much I loved him.

Then I realized that I did not just say “I love you” for fear of exposing my feelings and then get hurt, so that I made a breastplate that over time I disarmed it to offer my whole heart.


Of course it is very vulnerable but that is the love you have to play the whole thing for that person you love.

Source of inspiration Happy Valentines Day Love 2017

As you see at the beginning of this article I leave you many images of love where you can share in facebook with the person you want.

It is a simple, quick and easy way to tell what you want to that individual that you are in love or in love.


But always originality is something that is worth much more than copying and pasting an image of love do not you think?

So I give you some tips so you can complement that surprise that you can give him on his birthday, anniversary or the day of lovers.


If you look in books of love poems surely you find great authors of literature that can help you write that dedication you want but can often be somewhat corny or too formal so I advise you to use as inspirational quotes from songs love or phrases love movies .

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