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Happy Valentines Day My Love Poem

Happy Valentines Day My Love Poem On 14 February this year, it is again time for Valentine’s Day. Once an American tradition that is becoming more and more popular in Denmark. We look at what you as a retailer can do to get the best out of the day.

Happy Valentines Day My Love

Happy Valentine Day 2017

Advertising starts early
Flower shops are of course those brands Valentine’s Day the most. They sell 10 times as many flowers as on a normal day, and Valentine’s Day is second only to Mother’s Day on the sale of flowers. In 2017 started Interflora already advertise on January 21, and Tivoli announced a Valentine’s Day package 22 January 2017. The announcement starts therefore quite early, and it’s not inconceivable to see the trend again this year. The major international retailers such as Marks & Spencer, Victoria’s Secret and Urban Outfitters also start their Valentine’s campaigns around the 20th of January.
Targeted gift ideas
Newsletters have generally experienced a revival, and newsletters up for Valentine’s Day can be used creatively to promote gift ideas. Examples include Nordstrom campaign from 2017. Nordstrom had a separate newsletter for men who had bought men’s clothes with them, and the 10 days before Valentine’s Day began to promote gift ideas that they could give to their loved one. Products such as lingerie, perfume, jewelry and dresses. The idea is good and it is an inexpensive solution that can potentially increase the turnover in it, sometimes for retail, hard month of January.

Generally uses the US webshops a lot of “gifts for her” and “gifts for him” to inspire customers, make it easy, and to provide the final push toward a sale. For retail and / or shop owners are Facebook and especially Instagram good channels to deploy, if you want to visualize gift ideas in a fine way. When the young especially are happy to celebrate Valentine’s Day, is the social media obvious to deploy continuously in late January and up to 14 February.

Happy Valentine Day
Run campaign hashtag
Run a campaign across social media where your followers can participate actively. Use a hashtag that makes it possible to run the campaign across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. One can possibly put a gift for grabs and encourage consequences to using hashtag and tell their best Valentine’s experience, best Valentine’s gift or reward the best Valentine-related image. It can provide a great user participation, and it is easy to measure the effect, for example, how many people participated, and what social media where participation is greatest.
Heineken made in 2017 a campaign targeting men who ran across social channels. The campaign went viral in no time. Heineken decided to reward the men who wanted to show their soft side up on social media. The campaign was called Date In A Box, where men could win the contents of a red box if they were willing to declare their love publicly and use the hashtag #dateinabox. Inside the box there was an arranged date, such as a dinner or dance lessons. The campaign was a huge success, and the video below was used to kick-start the campaign:


Reward customers
Since Valentine’s Day is a day when gifts are a central part, you can take part in just that by offering something you do not normally do. Free shipping in the week might be an idea. Free shipping is a key part of buying online, according to Mintel’s study of what drives online purchases, free shipping one of the parameters given priority. Gift wrapping could be another thing you can offer customers, and if you have a Magento web shop , you can simply offer customers this at check-out during Valentine’s Day. Discounts on the purchase right up to Valentine’s Day is also an opportunity to give customers an extra incentive to buy from just you.

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