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Happy Valentines Day Love Sms

Happy Valentines Day Love Sms The best cute short love texts

To conquer a person you are in love with, a very good way is to try to find an original and personal way of confessing it. There are different options, such as the verses, poems, or we bring you today, beautiful love letters .

Happy Valentine Day Love Photo
Happy Valentine Day Love Photo

Happy Valentine Day Love


The problem is that for any of these options it is usually necessary to have imagination and ability to write in a romantic way, and this is not just as easy for everyone. Luckily, in this article we will make the task much easier because we will give you numerous texts to love to that special someone.


We do not all have the facility to tell a person that we love her, I’m a shy person, I do not normally show my feelings, that’s all true. So I have to tell you this, that when I first saw you my life took a turn, since I became brave in this letter to confess that you are the love of my life and that I love you.

I’m sure it’s not the first time someone tells you how they feel about you, you’re beautiful and you deserve all the good things you have in life.

I felt empty before looking into your eyes for the first time, I did not feel worthy of anything I had. Now I think someone has sent you to Earth to make me happy and so that we are together.

I confess that I am the one who sends you a bouquet of flowers every year in the middle of February, until now I had never dared to confess to you what I have been in love with you since forever.

It is funny how love changes everything, I used to think that life was sad and gray, but now I see everything full of hope and color, and it was thanks to you.

If you ever feel sad, or need a shoulder to cry on, you know I’ll always be by your side. I will never fail you, I love you.

When I think of the love I feel I always make myself happy, you are the one who gives joy to my life. That is why, among a thousand other reasons, I love you so hard.

They say that love is blind, and I think they are right, because since you are in my life I can not see beyond your beauty.

In this writing I wanted to take the opportunity to tell you something that I have a hard time confessing out loud, that you are my love, my whole life, and that I do not know what I would do without you in the world. I love you with madness, thank you so much for being with me and for loving me as I am.

Earlier I used to believe that love at first sight was a hoax of the movies. I’ve never been so happy to be so wrong. Thank you for being by my side, I love you.

Happy Valentine Day Love 2017

You may not yet know me, you have not realized or that I exist, but I wanted to take this letter to confess to you something I think every time I see you. I’m totally in love with you and I would like you to give me a chance, I promise to make you happy every day of my life.

Today we celebrate a very special day, one more year being my partner, one more year being the most fortunate person in the world, one more year feeling that my life makes sense.

You can not imagine how much you mean to me, before I met you I was totally lost in life and did not know my way. Now I’ve found it because the only thing that matters is that we stick together, as long as we get that, everything else will be fine.

We are very different people, few people would be able to understand our love, but all that does not matter since we have in common the most important, that we want with madness.

I need you in my life, time is passing and I am becoming more and more aware that life does not exist without you by my side.

The best of every day are those first two seconds of the morning when I realize, one more day, that I’m sleeping next to you and that we love each other as the moment we met. Thanks for making me so happy.

I always thought you were a thief for stealing my heart, but then I realized that we are made for each other, since I stole yours too.


People like to talk about things that they do not understand, that we are very different, that we do not fit, that we are too cloying, that we will not last … all this gives me more strength to follow daily with you, since that shows that they feel Envy of our happiness, and that there is nothing that can make us lose our love.

From the first day our relationship has been something special, first we were friends, then our paths separated … and now that we have met again we are more in love than ever. Thanks for being by my side.


Happy Valentines Day To My Love

Sometimes people complicate us too when we want to surprise your partner or someone we like . We begin to think of original gifts or strange ways of presenting them to them, thinking that in that way they are going to have a greater effect, but most of the time we are often mistaken.

short love phrases

For this reason, use a beautiful texts of love is always a great idea. It is simple, elegant, and above all very romantic, and just to give a little touch, we can make text look like a completely customized for that person that we like.


If we want to give a greater emphasis to the gift, a perfect form, is including a small note in which is written with a good letter one of these writings. Thus, although the gift is cheap or simple, its sentimental value will be fired, and get any detail becomes a special and unique moment.

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