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Happy Valentines Day Love Poems For Him

Valentine’s Day is a megatrend
In the US, Valentines Day for many years been a mega trend, while in Denmark only began to take tradition for us in the late 1990s. And although the vast majority probably would describe Valentine’s Day as a sugared American event, so we can not escape the fact that the day has become quite popular – not only in Denmark, but throughout the world.

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On this page you can read all you need to know about valentine plus a lot of fun facts. In addition, we have compiled a series of articles about Valentines Day. For example, you can explore ideas for sweet gifts and fancy robes that fit well to love today.

Why do we celebrate Valentine’s Day?
The history of Valentines Day is enveloped in mystery and speculation. Over the years, there emerged some ideas on why we celebrate Valentine’s Day, but historians can not quite agree. In most cases preceded the day with Saint Valentine, who was a patron saint of sweethearts. In the history books there are nonetheless full three piece Sankt Valentin’er – Saint Valentine of Rome, Saint Valentine of Terni and Sankt Valentin of Rätien. Most often it is Saint Valentine of Rome mentioned in connection with Valentines Day.

Saint Valentine of Rome was a Christian priest who lived under the Emperor Claudius the Second’s time. Because the emperor had trouble recruiting soldiers for his army, he forbade engagements and marriages in Rome. The merciful Sankt Valentin decided to defy the Emperor’s order, and devoted so the lovers in secret. When it was discovered, he was punished to death. As he sat in the dungeon up to his death, he was good friends with the jailer’s daughter, and in his farewell letter to her, he signed with “your Valentine”. He was executed d. February 14 269. The story was originally not written down, but arose from ancient tales. Hence, any by many as a legend.

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To celebrate Valentine’s Day in Denmark
In Denmark, we were very slow to wake up to Valentines Day. In the 1950s they tried Danish florists otherwise hard to introduce valentine in Denmark, but without success. Only toward the end of the 1990s took Danes tradition for themselves. Around the turn of the millennium began the day to be marked nationwide – for example, began TV stations to romantic films and programs d. February 14, and supermarkets introduced særsortimenter such hjertelys, heart pasta and single roses.

Hearts and roses for Valentine’s Day
Nowadays marked valentine in a large proportion of the Danish population – from the couple who go out and eat a romantic dinner for youth cut States to give each other a rose or send a sweet sms. Also in Denmark sent Valentine cards, although the trend, however, is far from that of the United States.

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We celebrate Valentine’s Day, but is single like never before
What is interesting about Denmark is that not everyone is positive about Valentine’s Day. Maybe the reason that we have a record number of singles in Denmark. According to figures from Statistics Denmark’s entire 1.6 million. singles, which corresponds to 37% of the adult population. Fortunately, many have found unconventional ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day, for example with friends or family. Rather than sit around and be sad about being alone, uses some even the day to mark the joy of freedom as a single. In many ways one can therefore conclude that February 14 is a bit unconventional day in Denmark.

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Steak and Blowjob Day
Also, men are beginning to realize the benefit of having a day dedicated to love. As a kind of counterpart to Valentine’s Day has some wise men thus found that there should be a day specially dedicated to them. This day falls on d. March 14 and goes by the name “Steak and Blowjob Day”. The men so misunderstood that Valentines Day actually already acting on both parties in the relationship, jaaah it is so completely different side of the case.

Fun facts about Happy Valentine’s Day:
Valentine was officially introduced by Pope Gelasius around the year 498. It was then said that d. February 14 was the day when the birds began to mate.
The first Valentine greeting we know, comes from England and were written back in 1415. It was the Duke Charles, who wrote a love poem to his wife while he was prisoner in the Tower of London. The letter was said to be located at the British Museum,
In the United States sent each year on Group of 14 February around 192 million. Valentine card! Valentine’s Day is actually so popular in the United States that it has taken a different place when it comes to opportunities to shop – second only to July
The idea for the mass-produced valentine cards came from the American woman Esther Howland. She received in 1847 valentine from England, and it appeared to have made an impression. At least, she started her own production of Valentine’s cards, and already in 1850, she had an annual turnover of 100,000 US dollars.
Also in Shakespeare’s time were “Valentine” a widespread notion. Several of the figures that appear in his romantic comedies were called Valentin. And in Hamlet Ophelia sings: “To be your Valentine.”

Gifts for him and her – Find inspiration on this page
It is difficult to give a precise estimate of the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Flowers, chocolates and sweet card is something that often appears on Valentine’s Day, but many couples also celebrating the day, for example, go out and eat a romantic dinner. Perhaps you are not looking for a gift for a boyfriend, but instead are looking for a sweet thing to a good friend or family member.valentine day whatsapp dp heart with ribbion

You can also explore the beautiful robes of love color – red

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