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Happy Valentines Day Love Of My Life

Happy valentines day love of my life

 Valentine’s Day and her boyfriend and I had planned not to grow it (do we never true when we are trying to cultivate love often instead of on one particular day), but instead just have a shagged / interested. We went to the trunk market and took both of us a lot of goodies!
Happy Valentines Day My Love
The boyfriend found a Sega Master System 2 in box with 4 games. We have not seen this before and it cost him only 200, – so it’s cheap enough. In addition, he also found a Nintendo Game boy Classic with 4 good games and a copy games. It gave his only 100, – for. As well as some small Pokemon characters and a broken fake Super Mario clock to total approximately 10, -. So he was very happy when he came home – not to shoot through!
I was just so lucky. I found two Windblown platter to 20, – / each. I collect little on them – however, I would like to have the red, but now I found some black, and 2 red. Do not have two sets of collections, but mix them up a little, so it’s a little more fun. In addition, I found something I did not know that I was missing before I saw it. Used Kaleidoscope fade from happy valentines day love of my life.
I got them together for 295, -, so I’m happy! Just could not take your eyes off them when I had first seen them. Came close to miss the two least because a lady only wanted to buy them, but the boyfriend said he would buy them all. So I was overjoyed! But he had also bought some “expensive” thing, so it’s ok I think.
They are of course used, but it is only the mint colored that has visible wear. There is a slight discoloration in the paint, but nothing that makes me something. I’m going to use the large gray and mint colored to have on the coffee table, then the remote control finally have a place of honor and I can use the small to put snacks in. If I had one bedroom with a nice bedside table I had spent the two smallest there – to have mobile and jewelry lying in when I sleep.
I immediately got the two plates in use when we got home – and they were wiped off – and I feel today penalty for candy dish. Then you learn it! Hope you all had a good Sunday and in’ve got a good start to the week. I will be back soon!

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