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Happy Valentines Day Love February 2017

Happy Valentines day 2017 to take the person you love, the hand and elder love.

You can choose to go ice skating in February cold, arrange picnic in the snowy landscape, write little love notes sprinkled with sweet words in your hand or draw hearts with your chosen one favorite candy in front of his front door. You can also choose the more obvious, but no less real: Holden in hand in the darkness of the cinema, well-prepared food – made by you or a cook, a bouquet of fresh flowers, rose petals on the bed or just sweet words in your ear before bedtime.

Do you best with the little things

It uniquely a delicious lunch for your partner, set the music that formed the soundtrack to your first dance, at the plant, kiss a little longer than normal, send a cute sms during the working day or plan a joint photo shoot – for a professional or in the living room – and forever your love.

Get a little change of air and the roof at the hotel in their own city; select a room with a bath and associated bubbles.

Make a homemade punch with Clip for foot massage, walking, vacuuming and serial Sundays under the covers, as your girlfriend can make use of when the urge occurs.

Buy a joint gym membership and begin to train together, set off on the day and go karting or improve your culinary skills and take a cooking course in a kitchen you both like.

Write love letters to each other and refresh old memories, rediscover the butterflies and experience in love again. Take a walk in the night, warm each other’s hands in the darkness and look at the stars.

Take the perfume on, you know your girlfriend likes, play a DVD that makes you both laugh, turn on candles and turn off all electrical, plan your next vacation in the fireplace inserts, flat out on the couch insulin get each other, or pass your partner his favorite magazine, play tourist in your own city and visit places I have had good experiences or surprise your special someone with a homemade chocolate cake in heart shape and food together with the excess glaze.

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