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Happy Valentines Day I Love You Images

Four different ways to send your messages or dedications of love

Happy Valentines Day I Love You Images You already wrote your dedication and you are ready to send your card to your lover or in love but you do not know how to do it, I describe some original alternatives with which you can love a little more to your average orange.

Are you ready to take note?

The idea is not to fall into what they all do, in my experience it is always better to surprise so that what comes to them is more surprising and effective that is what we all want and for that we have to strive.

When I tell you to try hard I mean that you do not simply send the cards or postcards by mail or social networks, but you are looking for an original idea to do so.


I’ll leave you some of the crazy ideas that I used when sending love cards to my partner.

-I remember a year that I received during the day phrases of love that arrived with different objects to my house.

First thing in the morning of February 14 I got a beautiful message with a breakfast for me, that was pleasantly surprising.Beautiful sentences of-san-valentin-for-facebook

It is something that can make you feel very special because they are thinking of you from very early on.

Arriving the afternoon sent me an extra large plush, I thought I would have to make a room for him alone, he was accompanied by a beautiful card with a lovely love poem.

And in the afternoon I came to my home an invitation to dine on a card with a nice message of St. Valentine accompanied by a red rose.

I sincerely thought it was one of the most beautiful gestures I received for these dates, and if you want someone special for you to feel great and loved, I advise you to use this way of honoring love.

– Send arrangements of balloons with hearts next to your card, are more beautiful than the flowers.

-If you like surprises, you can hire someone to take you to a specific place and there you wait with a beautiful bouquet of roses and your poem that you can tell yourself.

I assure you it will fall at your feet.

Try to make what you decide to do simple so that you feel comfortable with the choice that this is very important.

Do not forget that the two have to be comfortable and happy with the surprise.

Original phrases of lovers with images for Valentine’s Day


– On this special day I would love to tell you everything I feel for you but there are no words to describe the immense love that I feel in my heart.

I hope that together we will form a beautiful family that will be happy forever. I love you with all my life.

-I’m in love with your intelligence, your way of being, the way you treat me, I hope you never change that time will keep our love forever.

May life be good to us and may our love be eternal. Happy Valentine’s Day, my love!

-The time only showed me that every day I can be more in love and I just want to tell you today that I love you and I will love you forever and I want to make you happy your whole life.

And let us together be a happy family and with great joy. Happy day baby!!

-February 14 is my favorite day because I have the perfect excuse to pamper you all day, and I want to start with this card that I chose especially for you, and tell you everything I love you.

-Our love is so pure, true that I succeed in putting an end to all the obstacles they put us and today I can attest to everything we did to be together.


Happy day of love for you dear friend and my love.

Love is a short word but it says a lot, and it means more than anything in the world. I love you.Phrases for valentines day 02

There are really many words that you can use but the ones that matter most are the ones you have in your heart and you want to share them with your love.

But if it helps, I’ll give you the ones I wrote for you, and you can copy them to your card for this special day.

Choose the one that you like and add the most beautiful or funny postcard according to what you want to give.

Phrases and poems for February 14

You’re in love? Do you want to dedicate beautiful messages of love?

I’ll help you with some love phrases and poems so you can make them your own and surprise your boyfriend this special day.

Take note of the one you like most to send it to your love on this day of pure love.

“Fate unites us in this life and today I give thanks for everything we have and we put together.

I love you and I want all our dreams to be fulfilled and above all that we can always be together.

“Happiness has your name in my heart. I love you

– The dream of my life was to find love and in you fulfilled all my dreams

-When I look at the sky and see the stars in the only thing I think is in you. I miss you

– I want to be your life partner always and we are together for the rest of our lives.

“What do you think about love?” Before I met you, I did not believe in him, today I can tell you that I live for him.

“You are the love of my life and I can only live happily if you are by my side.

“You are my pillar, you are my everything, thank you for making me feel that I am unique in your life.

Messages for lovers

That you can say to those who feel in love, just enjoy the stage of life that is unique and that express it every day, not repress the feelings that show them daily.

What is the best way to do it, you ask? Sentences for the day-of-the-lovers-5

I wrote what you feel in a message, on a paper, on a cell phone send it daily.

Show that it’s what that person you wake up with every morning.

I’m going to add to this space to tell you about love some messages that can be a guide for you to write yours.

Do you dare to leave every day a beautiful message of love?

-When I wake up every morning to your side and look at you, I feel that all my love is reborn daily.


“I expect your calls, your messages that bring me closer to you when you’re away.

-My life is every day better because you are by my side always in the good and the bad.

“You taught me that to love is not only to say it but also to prove it always.

-If there is something I have to thank you, you are by my side and you love me as much or more than I love you.

-I want to tell you that you are the most important person in my life and I wish that life always keeps us together.

I hope some of the messages that I wrote are for you and you can dedicate them to your partner on Valentine’s Day or when you want to send them.

If you liked or liked each of the phrases or messages of love for Valentine’s Day.

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