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Happy Valentines Day For Love

The spirit of Valentine’s Day Happy Valentines Day For Love Ernest Renan French philosopher of the same size as Rousseau and Voltaire, the one who best understood the negative impact of Islam on individuals under its yoke, had written this about Kabila.

“In a country where there are no inns, the hospitality a public service, and in populations that are as poor as the one we are talking about is a painful burden. Kabila get done it in a really touching way. It is admirable and shows everything that has excellent qualities in the heart of Berber race. The heroic and touching pages in the history of African Christianity is explained by this spirit of humanity, gentleness”

It is precisely for these reasons that the world celebrate Valentine’s Day, the feast of love:pic-meg-3

Happy birthday to all lovers!

St. Valentine’s Day February 14th Valentines my love  is considered in many countries as the feast of love and friendship. The pairs take this opportunity to exchange sweet words and gifts as evidence of love and red roses are passion emblem.

In the original Catholic celebration before the Middle Ages was not the feast of St. Valentine associated with romantic love, but with physical love. The party is now associated with the mutual exchange of “love letters” or Valentine illustrated with symbols like a heart or a winged Eros.

The story behind Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentines day love 2017

In ancient Rome was the 15th of February named festival of Lupercalia or Supercuts, the god of fertility, which is represented dressed in goatskins. Priests in Supercuts sacrificed goats to God, and after drinking wine, they walked through the streets of Rome half naked and touched passers by keeping parts of goat skin of the hand. The young women were delighted to be touched, because it meant fertility and easy childbirth. The ceremony honored pagan Juno, the Roman goddess of women and marriage, and Pan, the god of nature.


At least three different saints had named Valentine , and all three were martyrs. Their party was set on February 14th by decree of the major exporter of Berber culture,

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