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Happy Valentine Day Love 2019

Happy Valentine Day Love 2019 Pretty, short, famous and all kinds of love phrases

Love can do everything, those people who live in love are always the ones we see happier, those who smile at life with other eyes, because they have found a person to share everything with.

If you are one of those people who are in love, who want to continue demonstrating every day how much you love that person or want to fall in love with that girl or that guy you like so much, what you can do is write love sentences. Love phrases are a very effective tool to reach the heart of a person, and here you will find many for each moment and for each person.5 Surprises For Girlfriend Happy Valentine DayAs advice we can give you that will not only send these phrases by WhatsApp, but look nice and ideal way to show that love. Write a note and put it in your notebook or near your mobile phone. Take a picture of the two together and add the phrase you like most with a few hearts and share it with her. There are many ways to tell you I love you, and here are some.

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Beautiful love phrases

I’ll steal the minutes on time if necessary, just to be with you.

The love that I have is not like any other known; It does not fit within the soul and neither does it fit in this world.

Your eyes are ruby, your emerald lips, but the best of all you have precious mine is where your back ends.

Your eyes are stars and all of you, you are the universe, now I understand everything, I know why I always wanted to be an astronaut.

With the brain we think, with the lungs we breathe, with our feet we walk, but with all my love and my passion I say “I adore you”.

I wish I could look at you, I wish I could talk to you, I wish I could touch you, but what I would most like to be able to kiss you.

This street is a garden and the women in it, the roses; And I loved mine as I am a gardener I choose the most beautiful, which is you.

You make it fresh as the glorious dew, your fingers caressing my hair feeling the awakening of joy, your eyes gazing at mine loving us to the end.

I adore you as if you were a God to whom all existence owed; As if my heart walked only by your presence.

Even if you do not call yourself Alice, come from Wonderland.

Perfection does not exist but you are the closest thing to it.

Give me a cup of love to quench the thirst of loving you.

Give me the time you do not need and I promise to invest it in caresses on your back

I’ve written love words on a sheet of paper, but the nicest thing I’ve written is your name on the wall.

I rolled an orange and even your door rolled, because even the oranges know that we love you and me.

An angel from the sky descended to paint your face, but did not find color for such beauty.

The day that my eyes do not see you, for me it is as if the sun does not rise, and if it does not dazzle me as your love dazzles me.

Your figure is so perfect that it only takes one mistake to be human.

Happy Valentines day love 2017

It is beautiful to see the sea, rising to the stones, but it is more beautiful is to reach, with a kiss, your mouth.

If your eyes were stars, and your mouth the sea, what a landscape so precious to be able to admire.


Beautiful phrases of love

They say that from your bed it is possible to touch the stars.

I am very afraid, afraid to get up one day and that you are no longer with me.

You have more style walking, than the pink panther smoking.

Yesterday I dreamed that you would be here with me to make me the happiest person, that you would be only mine and I yours forever, I dreamed yesterday of kissing you on the lips and filling you with passion, yesterday I dreamed of being your only love.

Blue is the sky, blue is the ocean, and intense fire is the kiss that I want to give you.

How advanced is the science that even chocolates like you can walk.

The day I met you, I threw a pin to the bottom of the sea; The day I find you, I will stop loving you.

If I get up every day with the scent of your skin and the taste of your mouth my days would be the most perfect.

The moon and the sun can not be compared to this star that has just passed.

The kiss is the smallest distance between you and me.

You are the gas that keeps the fire of my passion alive.

Heaven owed me something wonderful, and he paid me with you.

The beauty of your beauty is that having it you do not detect it and that beautiful innocence is what makes you more precious.

Of the most beautiful women in the universe, you are the only one I love.

happy valentine day

You know your lips are the fate of my skin.

High is the moon in your dawn, dew at dawn, and in the story of your life, rhyme kisses and never ending stories.

I want to pass the days that are needed, the months and the years, but what I really want is that I spend the time I spend keep trembling when I see you.

If I were a ship and your lips were the sea, I would not mind your shipwreck.

When you have a chance to love is just a matter of knowing how to decipher. Love this day we are going to decipher.

The glass of my window with my breath fogged him. In it with my finger I wrote your name and with my lips erased it.

Under the light of the stars, do you know what my love is like? I want to kiss you madly, every inch of your skin.

I love you like water, sometimes calm and sometimes with a storm.

This letter that I have written you do not throw it please because the ink of the letters is my blood and paper as you see, my heart.

Your beauty lights up, that’s why I wear sunglasses.

Yesterday while I was walking under your house I passed, I looked and I did not see you and even though it was full day, the darkness was made for me.


On a very lonely afternoon in your eyes I peeked it was so sweet you look that I fell in love with you.

I see through your eyes in love the happiness of our romance, I feel through your skin the love of caresses, the kisses with your mouth, our unbridled passion.

Love is like a starry night, surrounded by the charms of nature, you will be the most beautiful star to give my life.

I always dreamed that life was beautiful, and I did not know why … until I discovered that you were part of it.

Your lips are a cup of harmony that I want to fill with all my tenderness.

If you hear a thousand bells ringing, do not be afraid of me, that is that when I see you, my heart sounds to the rhythm of your love.

The day I die, if you still do not know the truth, I will leave it written on my headstone that you are the woman I loved the most.

The water goes looking for the river, the river always seeks the sea, and what I seek is your mouth to be able to kiss.

In Noah’s ark the animals come together in pairs, but I can assure you that they certainly do not love each other as much as you and I do.

For a road full of darkness I would not mind losing, if at the end of the road there I could see you.

Happy Valentines Day My Love Images

I have been told that the moon has your face, the one for which I am lost.

Two roses in the water are only able to live 15 days, your love with mine will live our whole lives.

You are the sun, I am the horizon, and as every day I look forward to the sunset bringing us both together.

Like an arm without a hand, like a garden without flowers, that’s how I feel the day I can not see you

The night is short for me to dream of you, but the day is much shorter for everything I think of you.

From the night the moon is the owner, the sun is the owner of the day, and you, my life, own my heart.


Love short sentences

You know the smile is mine, but it’s you.

What are you studying? From right now … your eyes.

Maybe for the world you are just one more person, but for a person you are you are your world.

You must have fire in your heart, because you just lit me with your eyes.

Wake me with a caress, sweet angel of my heaven, and if you want me to wake you, just tell me.

Love without a kiss of yours is like a spaghetti without gratin cheese.

I whisper in the silence of our passion, my fingers touch your skin gently that is my skin, the tears that come out of my eyes that come with yours … my only desire is the one that takes me to you.

I love you just as you really are, not like you say you are.

I’ll only stop loving you when I have evidence that someone loves you a little more than I do.

You’re like freshly baked bread: Appeasable.

The mouth that you have my love, I have to taste it, so that with your kisses you can delight me.

Love is a thing that can not be hidden, if you do not tell your lips, you betray the breath.

With that mouth you have my love, so rich you have to kiss.

Morning star, leave me your light, to follow your path and give you my love.

You are the love that always lived in my head and that I have face to face today.

To this crazy thirst of love you can not calm her with just drinking, but the kiss of another mouth that has the same thirst.

If your eyes are the mirror of the soul, I want to live always looking at me in yours.

Sometimes I wonder, where is perfection? And when I look at you I realize that you are the solution.


A flower is the least expression of beauty of a woman and a woman is the maximum expression of beauty of a flower.

Much love begins in chance; Have always put the hook, because in the place that you least expect it, you will find your fishing.

All my hope I have placed in you, I have dreamed of loving you, I could even die for your angelic tenderness, I would give my life for your infinite sweetness.

If your look were like the sea, I would stop swimming, so in your eyes I could drown.

Love is like fire; They often see before them the ones that are outside the smoke, that the flames are inside.

Love is the end of all that surrounds us in the world. It is not a single feeling, it is the pure truth, it is the happiness that is at the origin of everything created.

What is out there will always attract attention, but it is the inside that conquers our heart.

We never love anyone: we just love the image we have of someone. What we really love is a concept that comes out of our heart.

Let’s not expect perfect timing, we have to take any moment and make it perfect.

I LOVE YOU in English, I LOVE YOU in Italian, but how much I LOVE YOU, I tell you in Spanish.

If your body were a prison and your heart a chain, how happy would you be to fulfill my condemnation with pride.

I’d like to be a thought to be inside you and finally know if you love me like I love you.

There are those who have come into this world to fall in love with only one woman and, unfortunately, it is not very likely to find her.

Have you seen how the water flows when it has stopped raining? This way my tears flow when I can not see you anymore

From the galaxy a star to the earth was to fall, in front of me I have it: what a pretty woman!

If seeing you would mean death, and not seeing you would mean life, I would rather die and see you, not see you and live on

The smile of your mouth dazzles the whole world, but what do I care about the world, if I have my sun?

You’re my pretty little thing, my little piece of heaven, thank you for being born, never forget how much I love you.

We really begin to love not when we find the person who is perfect, but when we come to see a perfect person imperfectly.

In the sea sails a sailboat, on the sailboat happiness and in the arms of my love sails my heart.

Cleanse your heart before love returns to settle in it, since the sweetest honey is spoiled in a dirty container.



Love quotes for WhatsApp

With only your smile would make me invincible

I would like to be the song you like the most, to be on your lips every moment.

I wish you more in summer than an ice cream.

I can swear to you that no one else has ever said that we have the world record in loving us.

Dreams of passion in your body, dreams of happiness accompanied only by your caresses of love, eternal dreams of joy to savor your body, dreams of you …

Some want the world, others say they want to have the sun, but I just want to be in a corner of your heart.

How do you feel to be the most beautiful girl in the universe?

My favorite novel? All our conversations I’ve kept.

I’ve waited all my life for this moment, to be able to say that you are the person that makes me happy.

All I ever wanted and I wanted was to see you happy

I want to be a singer to dedicate a song to you, but since I am only a student, I dedicate my whole heart to you.

If I dedicate to my studies all the time that I dedicate to you, I would already be giving classes in the faculty

You are so sweet that only by looking at you I get fatter.

Coincidences of life, to love and to you I knew them at the same time.

There’s a party in my heart and you’re the only one who’s invited.

I like green, I like red too, but what I like most about your precious eyes.


Love quotes for my girlfriend

Every time I give you a kiss I think to myself: “This is what I want to dedicate myself for life.”

The moment the stones begin to walk, and the waters stop flowing, at that very moment I will stop loving you.

Blessed are my eyes to see so much beauty at this hour of the morning.

Falling in love with you has been the most perfect moment of my life.

Without being a painter, you have managed to paint every day of happiness.

What a mania mine, to tell you that I love you every day

It was a summer day when your eyes became my obsession and your soul in emotions, it was that beautiful day when I first saw you and love appeared at your side.

I had been a gardener for so many years, and I had never seen a rose more beautiful than you.

Please smile, because it’s just your smile is what makes me happy all my days.

Yesterday I could feel that my sky was you, that my life only happens for a cause, and that cause was you, that my lips wanted to kiss you, that my hands have always belonged to your skin, that my eyes can not detach from your body, That my smile is all yours … that my heart can only fall in love with you.

You have small eyes of mine, that in them I look at myself, not the closures that kill me of the pain, do not close them, open them.


Love quotes for my boyfriend

You better prepare for the most beautiful love story ever.

If I was a flight attendant, I would take you on my plane, but since I am not, I will be in my heart.

When the pencil writes on the sheet with the paste can be erased but when a woman and a man really love nothing and no one can separate them.

You are my prince and always will be, and I your princess until eternity.

Why do I want a blue prince? If you are already.

Even silence is beautiful when I am with you.

I read my luck in your precious eyes because if you forget me, my love will be death to me.

Looks, smiles, caresses, kisses. That is our language

Among roses I was born, among thorns I will die, but to you, my love, I will never forget you.

My eyes cry for seeing you, my arms for hugging you, and my lips for kissing you.


Happy Valentines Day My Love Quotes

You’re like a song in another language … I love you, but sometimes I do not understand you

The night I go to see you I always go with happiness, because I go with the hope that you can love me.

If you tell me come I leave it all … But tell me come

A word is always forgotten a tear that spills is gone, a kiss can be erased but your memory, that ever.

What a shame you think that I only want you for one night, when I want you to accompany me in all my awakenings.

I notice that I lack something in life and that something my affection is you

I have seen in a dark face some beautiful black eyes, and if they are not for me of pity I am going to die.

You know? Sometimes … my heart asks me where you are.

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