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Guide to Get the Valentine’s Gift

In the United States, this is a day to celebrate not only love, but also friendship,  so finding a nice gift for Valentine’s Day is something very special for couples.

Although many people dislike the commercial nature of this date, most women expect to receive a gift from their partner.

In addition, they tend to put more weight on the gift they receive that day, since in many countries it is the day of lovers.

They will consider that the type of gift that their beloved gives them defines what they feel for them.

If you have to give something on that day, pay more attention than if it was your birthday or Christmas, for example.

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If your partner is romantic, do your best and do not wait at the last minute to buy anything.

  • If you give her something practical like a kitchen robot or an iron, she’ll think you only see her as a housewife or mom. Leave that kind of shopping for when you decide together that you need a new toaster. Women do not usually consider a vacuum cleaner a good Valentine’s gift.
  • If you give those chocolates or chocolates you will think that you bought them on the way to the house, and that you also do not take into account how much it costs you to diet. Use the chocolates only if you buy the ones you know you like and if they are from an exclusive brand. Buy the smallest box they have.
  • If you give her flowers, do not buy her any bouquet at the supermarket or at the florist on the corner. Ask them to make you a bouquet designed by you, with the kind of flowers you know they like. Otherwise you will think that you do not know her well and that you bought the flowers as a last resort.
  • If you give a book, do not choose any title, or because it is on the list of best-selling books, but because you know that you like the author or the subject. Avoid buying books about raising children, understanding men or a cookbook. Choose a novel, something romantic or symbolic. Love letters between known writers is a good choice.
  • If you give a gift voucher for a massage, you can take it as if you understand that you are stressed and need to relax. It is a gift that perhaps she does not dare to give herself.
  • If you give him something electronic, which you know he has been wanting for a while, you’ll be right. An IPhone or an Ipad tablet, are welcome for the woman who would not buy it but she has been saying for some time that she would love to have something like that.
  • If you give him a jewel, almost certainly you hit. But beware; women are very particular when it comes to a jewel. Ask your best friend to guide you. Women often talk with their friends about what they would like their partner to give them. If you expect to receive an engagement ring and wear a bracelet, you may be disappointed.


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Tips to get the right to choose your gift:

  • Your best friend or sister is excellent sources of information. If you consult with them, you will almost certainly succeed in your gift.
  • Listen to your partner throughout the year. Surely it often gives your ideas of what you would like to receive, but you do not realize it.
  • Even if she tells you she does not want anything, give her something anyway. Women do not always say what they think. They expect you to guess that they do want a gift and what it is.



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