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How to Give a Quick Kiss to Boy Happy Valentines Day

If you are going to see a friend for the first time in a long time, or if you want to wait a little longer to give your first kiss on happy valentines day , a quick kiss is the perfect way to do it. Give a quick kiss on the cheek, on the forehead, on the lips or, practically, in any other part you want! The main thing you should have in mind is to close your lips, give the kiss superficially and try to make it short. Otherwise, you will enter the territory of full kisses.

Give a quick kiss

Moisten the lips enough to soften them. Because a quick kiss is short and shallow, you do not want the lips to be rough or cracked. Gently run your tongue over them, but make sure they are dry before kissing. If necessary, apply a little of the lip moisturizer on the upper lip and rub it with the lower lip.

  • It is important that the lips are soft instead of rough, but they must also be moist and not wet.

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Close your lips As you approach to give the kiss, press the lips as if you were holding your breath. You should not open your mouth, and you definitely do not want to stick your tongue out at all. Do not press them hard as if they were sealed, just enough to touch them.

Take your lips a little. This is known as pouting or pursing the lips. Imagine that you ate something slightly sour. Do not remove them so much that the upper lip touches your nose. Only remove them until the inner part of the lips is visible.

Press your lips lightly against your skin. Whether you’re going to kiss on the mouth, cheek or forehead, a quick kiss is always superficial and short. You will want to press the lips so that the boy feels them, but not so much that he feels that you are crushing them against him.

  • The ideal quick kiss will leave almost no moisture on your skin.

Get away in less than a second. A quick kiss is the shortest of all kisses, so do not rest your lips on the boy. Make the kiss last long enough for your lips to touch it, but get away just after making contact. Practice the kiss so you have an idea of how long it should last. Remember; touch your skin with your lips, and then retreat.

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Give a quick kiss at the right time

Give a quick kiss on the cheek after a hug. When you hug a close friend after a long time without seeing him, or if you’re going to say goodbye, give him a quick kiss. Make sure both are comfortable with each other and do not take it as a sign of anything other than friendship.

  • In many cultures, this is a common way of greeting. In other cultures, it may seem strange to do so, but try anyway.

Give a quick kiss instead of your first kiss. If you have never kissed a boy before, a quick kiss is a good way to start. Follow the steps above, but give him the quick kiss on his lips. If it feels good, give him a full kiss, or give him a second kiss immediately after the first one.

  • If it does not feel good, it will be fast enough so you can get away. Just remember: you may have to talk about it later if you do not feel well.

Give a quick kiss to show affection in public. When you are with your partner, you may not want to be very caring in front of people. Give your date a quick kiss on the cheek or on the lips to show that they are together without the need for a prolonged kissing session.

  • If you go out to dinner with your friends and your date says something especially sweet, give him a quick kiss on the cheek to show your appreciation.
  • If you are at a party and leave for your date to talk with other friends, give him a quick kiss on the lips and say “I’m coming back”.
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