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Buy Perfect Gift for your Girlfriend | Happy Valentines Day Love

Trying to think of the perfect gift can be a daunting idea. With so many options, it is difficult to know what would be the perfect gift for your girlfriend. It is important to remember that the most important part of buying a gift for someone is to make that person feel that you really know them. With a little consideration, you can be sure to see a happy face when she opens the box.

Method 01

Create an idea

Plan something in advance. Do not wait until the last minute. By planning in advance, you can decide between a romantic gesture or a gift that suits the occasion, for which you will have time to execute it. It will also give you time to order it online if necessary.

Brainstorm. Take some time to develop three lists: a list of things you like, a list of things you like, and a list of things you have in common, which may include jokes or memories. Use these lists as inspiration to have ideas on what to give.

  • For example, if you know that she loves to cook, you can give her an apron that has some of her favorite photos printed together.

Consider a practical gift. Many people appreciate practical gifts. Be careful with this option, since you do not want to give something too boring or ordinary. Ask yourself “Is this something that finally she will end up buying if I do not?” If the answer is yes, do not buy it. A good gift should be something that she loves or can use, but would not buy on her own.

  • For example, she may still want a luxurious kitchen utensil, but she has no additional money to buy it. That would be a perfect gift.

Use recent conversations It’s possible that she intentionally gave you a clue about what she wants. In the same way, maybe the two have talked about something that is very fashionable, which can give you a guide for the gift. Using what she says as a source of inspiration for your gift will help you be sure to give her something that she really likes and show you that you listen to what she says.

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  • For example, maybe she says “Taylor Swift’s music always makes me happy, I really want to have her new CD”.

Check your account on Pinterest. If you have one, it is a fantastic resource to find out what you want without asking it directly. Another source could be your list of desired products on Amazon, if it is public. Just make sure you do not buy something you already have.

Take into consideration your language of love. The “language of love” is a term used by Gary Chapman to describe what people need to feel loved. If you can find out the language of your girlfriend’s love, you can give her something she really wants and make her feel loved. One way to understand your girlfriend’s love language is by asking her to take a test at 5lovelanguages.com. Do not worry, she will probably think it’s romantic that you want to understand her language of love.

  • The first language of love is the words of affirmation. That means that the person feels most loved when he hears words of appreciation or affection
  • The second language of love is acts of service, which means that the person feels more loved when you do things for her, such as taking charge of some task.
  • The third language of love is to receive gifts, just as it sounds. People feel loved when you show them with gifts.
  • For people who value quality time, simply spending time with you is the most important thing.
  • For people whose language of love is physical contact, being close to you is important, from holding hands to having moments of intimacy.

Ask him what he wants. Use common sense with this. Some girls will appreciate your consideration when asking, while for others it may be strange. If you do, ask for help. Avoid simply asking “What do you want?” Instead, ask him for a list of things or the types of things he likes. In this way, she will not know exactly what you are going to give her.

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Method 02

Make a gift

Do something This option is very good if you do not have much money. Also, your girlfriend will appreciate more if you do it. Making a gift takes more time and effort than simply buying something online, but it does not necessarily have to take days. Also, you know it will be unique. Do not worry, you do not have to be Van Gogh to make a beautiful gift that she will love.

Make a scrapbook or frame a photo. Because, these days, most of the photos are on the computer or on cell phones, giving your photos in physical can be nice. You can put the photos in a simple album or frame many photos of the two of you together.

Prepare your favorite drink. Whether you love tea or hot chocolate, try making a small kit of your favorite beverage. For example, for hot chocolate, you can make a homemade chocolate mix with small packages of marshmallows and several small bottles of Baileys on one side. [11] If you like tea, try to make an arrangement of all your favorite teas, plus a little honey. Includes an elegant cup to finish.

Prepare some homemade bath bombs. If your girl loves to soak in the bathtub, it will be perfect to make bath bombs for her. Choose an essential oil whose aroma will enchant you and thus you will be happy.

  • To make a bath bomb, just mix 2 cups of cornstarch (cornstarch) with 1 cup of citric acid and 1 3/4 of a cup of baking soda, stirring with a colander.
  • Fill small atomizers with water. If you want color in your bath bubbles, add 6 drops of food coloring.
  • Measure 1 cup of the powder mixture. Use the atomizer to add small amounts of water to the powder. Mix a little after each application. The mixture will be ready when it is held together when tightening.
  • Add the essential oil. For an essential oil with a heavy fragrance (like mint), add 5 drops; place 6 for a lighter one (like lemon). Shake the fragrance. Put the mixture in small baking pans, preferably those that contain 1/4 cup, enough for a bath. If they are smaller, use two bath bombs per tub. Repeat this procedure for the rest of the dry mix.


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Method 03

Do something nice for her as a gift

Clean the house. Maybe you do not want a clean house to be the whole gift, but if you live with your girlfriend, it’s a good gesture to show her that you care about cleaning the house. Make sure you do all the regular tasks, from cleaning the bathroom to washing clothes.

Prepare some food. You can make brownies to him (the mixtures make that the preparation of the brownies is very easy) and personalize them adding chocolate sparks, sweets, sweets or conserves of raspberry, everything what would like. Do not forget to take your allergies, what you like and what you dislike in consideration. Alternatively, if you want to go further, try to prepare a full meal. Choose a simple recipe or play with your culinary skills.

Brighten up your car. If she is like most people, you will not always have time to clean her car. Find a way to “borrow” your car. Take it out and clean it inside and out. Just make sure you do not throw anything away, that could cause problems!

Method 4

Find a unique gift

Check webpages of crafts. Craft websites offer a variety of gifts that are unique. You can find something that suits what your girl likes or you can even get a personalized gift for her. Check out websites like Etsy, Custom Made and Shana Logic.

Try handicraft or art fairs. As in the websites of art and craft, in local art shops and artisanal fairs you can find unique gifts of its kind. Although sometimes the prices can be high, you will be paying for a truly special gift and supporting the economy of your locality at the same time.

Find something that you are passionate about on the Internet. For example, if your girlfriend loves to draw, art supplies are definitely an appropriate option. However, an art book or a painting by your favorite artist (if you can afford it) are also. Make the gift match the things you love.




Go one step further. For example, if you love books, giving her a book is an obvious choice. However, you can go a step further. Instead of simply buying a book, try to get a copy of your favorite book signed by the author. That will make it truly unique and special

Method 05

Give him an experience

Try to choose something you can do together. Instead of giving him something that he will leave on the shelf, try to give him something that allows him to go out and do it. If it is something that both love or something that you do not like much but she does, that will make it an unforgettable gift.

  • For example, try to buy tickets for a musical or a play. As an alternative, you can buy tickets for a symphonic concert of your locality.

Consider the possibility of giving you a more long-term experience. For example, if you love to paint, try to enroll her in a painting class. Another option is to try a brewing class together if she loves beer, which could become a lifelong passion. Just make sure it’s something you’re passionate about, what you should know if you pay attention to what it says and does.

Deal with a small trip. Even a short trip to a nearby cabin can be romantic in the right conditions. It does not have to be too expensive, as long as you think about what your girlfriend likes. For example, if you do not like to do outdoor activities, take her on a trip to a nearby city or a picturesque town

  • For a smaller walk, try to spend a night in a luxury hotel in the city.
  • Another option is a “vacation at home”. Basically it is that both take a day off from work and make fun plans in the city where they live. For example, they can have a picnic, and go to the park or a concert in the botanical gardens.

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