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Give a Promise Ring | Happy valentines Day Love


The promise ring is a symbol of commitment and is often seen as a pre-engagement ring. However, it can be given for many reasons: as a symbol of chastity, loyalty, monogamy, friendship or even a promise to oneself to stay sober. If you want to buy a promise ring for your loved one to represent your commitment, it will be important to clarify what promise you are making.

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Choose a ring

Know the purpose and predict the reaction of who receives it. If you’re going to give a promise ring as a symbol of your friendship or love, someone you’ve been dating recently, choose something simple and inexpensive. If your partner is waiting for a proposal of marriage, then buy a less culturally evident jewel or make the decision to exchange these rings in advance so you do not disappoint him with a surprise misinterpreted.

Choose something that the recipient puts on. If you do not wear rings, put the ring on a chain or give a different “gift of promise”. Try to find out your ring size by temporarily “stealing” one of your own, then ask a jeweler to measure it.

  • If the recipient has a job or hobby that can wear or scratch the ring (for example, if you do masonry or mountaineering), choose a resistant material such as titanium.
  • If the ring is a promise to engage in marriage in the future or is a “wedding ring” for a couple who does not plan to marry, choose one that remains on the ring finger of the left hand or wherever your partner has thinking about putting on a wedding ring.
  • For almost all other promise rings, choose one that fits on any finger (usually the index finger of the right hand, which may be different in size from the left).

Examine the engraved rings, also called “poesy” rings. They are metal rings with a poem, promise of love or other inscription engraved on the inner surface, next to the skin of the wearer. These are an excellent choice, as they are usually different from wedding rings and show a promise. recorded.

  • A jeweler can help you make your own ring of this style and you can record a personal message for that special person you love so much.
  • Many “poetry” rings quote verses from the Bible or other Christian inscriptions, but the tradition has expanded into secular society and other religious couples.



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Take into account the Claddagh rings. These originated in Ireland and show two hands together holding a heart. This visual sign of love or friendship is an affectionate reminder of commitment.

Ask if you can customize it. Almost all jewelers will gladly design or customize a ring and add some special elements, such as engraved messages or unique and meaningful embellishments.

Think of other options. A promise ring should not be so expensive or elaborate to the point of being confused with a wedding ring, but one with significant and special details will make the promise weightier. Consider buying a ring that has the birthstone of that special person or a personalized engraving for that person.

  • If you do not have the money to buy a jewel or if that person prefers less elaborate gifts, make your own jewel or other gift such as “a stuffed animal with a heart that carries candy inside.” If you can, use some material or object that has a special meaning in your relationship.
  • A chain, earrings or other jewel are also good as symbols. We recommend this option especially if your partner is anxious that you propose marriage and do not want to give another understanding.
  • If you find it hard to decide or just like this idea, ask the recipient if he would like an exchange of promise rings and then discuss how to choose a matching pair.

Find out your ring size. If it’s going to be a surprise, it should not be very obvious that you’re trying to find out. You can measure a ring that you already have and that feels good, or ask your family or friends if they know your size. If you still do not have it clear, look for rings that can be adjusted afterwards.

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Assemble the gift

Choose a meaningful day A promise ring could be a suitable gift for Christmas, Valentine’s Day or the birthday of the recipient. If you are in a loving relationship, an excellent day could be the anniversary date when you started dating.

Give the ring in a significant place. Go to the restaurant where they had their first date, to the concert hall where you met your friend for the first time or to any place that you and that person remember fondly.

Do not be exaggerated. This is not a marriage proposal. You will not have to hire a plane to write something in the sky or organize a surprise dance.

Consider the possibility of doing a search game. Leave a key written somewhere where the recipient finds it and then put the clue to the next point. At the end of the chain, you’ll be there to give him the promise ring.

This type of elaborate game can be fun or romantic, but make sure that the recipient reacts well when he discovers that it is a promise ring. Perhaps the relationship is very recent for such a sign of serious commitment or maybe it is the opposite, that your partner expects a marriage proposal.

  • Try to make the keys simple and obvious, the point will not be confusing! If that person likes riddles, the keys may be more difficult, but yes, accompany you or another friend secretly to help you and give you another key if you cannot resolve it.





Plan a day of activities. A fun day to spend together will be excellent to culminate with a special moment. They could take a walk and end up having a picnic or prepare a dish at home. Prepare it in advance to avoid unexpected guests coming home or running out of gas on the drive back.

  • If something unexpected ruins your day together, give him the ring another day.

Consider hiding the ring in some surprise place. Hide it somewhere where the person who will use it finds it, for example, under the pillow or inside his lunch box. This could be part of another game or not, depending on how much expectation you want to create previously.

  • If you will not be there by the time you find it, also put your pledge in writing followed by a personal statement.

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Present the ring

Show him the ring. Give him the ring or the other “gift of promise” by simply opening the gift box and showing it to him (not to be confused with a marriage proposal). If you leave it in some secret place for that person to find it, give it a moment to assimilate it well.

Declare your promise. If you are going to make a specific commitment (for example, being sober or being faithful), announce it clearly at the time of giving the ring. If you do not want to say it spontaneously, prepare a few words in advance.

  • Do not make too many promises. Do not tell him that you plan to marry him or her one day, unless you are prepared to fulfill it. Your intentions should be clear, even if it is a simple desire to show your love or support.
  • You can use a quote from one of your favorite poems or songs so that your statement is loaded with more emotion, but make sure that part of your words comes from you.





Compose a short song or poem (optional). If you play music, sing or write poetry, composing a piece that expresses what you feel can be a moving way to communicate your promise.

Includes personal details Tell that person how special he is to you with your own words. Mention the specific qualities you admire about her and the happy memories with her so that it does not sound trite.

Be yourself. If for both of you something more tender than what we have mentioned in this article is more significant or if you know that person will love to recite a ten-minute sonnet, go ahead.

  • Put the promise ring on any of your fingers. Almost everyone puts it on the middle finger of the left hand or on the index finger of the right hand. Most recipients should not confuse it with an engagement ring, so avoid the ring finger of the left hand.
  • Of course, if you are going to give another type of jewel or gift, put it in the appropriate place or give it formally.


  • Promise rings are perfect if both are too young to get married.
  • While the promise rings are originally Christian, they are now sold with blessings in Hebrew, with other religious meanings or secular designs.


  • Promise rings should not be taken lightly! Make a promise that you can fulfill until the end with the commitment.

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