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Get Delicious Italian Ice Cream In Copenhagen

This is a new smart concept where you can get experiences, food, etc. for at least half the price around Copenhagen Right now, for example. get ice cream in Copenhagen for Happy Valentine Day Love 2017

For us who love to experience new things with our sweetheart, these new concepts as heaven-sent!

I signed up for their free newsletter for some time ago and today came the first offer and which one perfect for summer!

My boyfriend and I are even just moved to Brønshøj where Manolo Gelato among other things, ice cream shops, so I immediately ordered two gift cards, so my boyfriend and I can get 4 scoops of ice cream for only 17 kroner.

No limit – 4 balls Italian ice cream for only 17 kroner

There is no limit on the number of vouchers, so in fact you can get delicious ice for 17 kroner throughout the summer for Happy Valentine Day.

In addition to having stores in Brønshøj, then Manolo Gelato ice also store on Amagerbrogade and Istedgade.

If you want ice cream for half price, so hurry in and make use of the offer – the offer is for a limited duration and applies in writing 11 hours yet!

Read more about the offer or receive up bargains

I would also recommend you to sign up for their newsletter, then you automatically receive all the bargains in the selected city. The mails can be canceled at any time and it costs as I said nothing to join.

When the gift cards are ordered so we just have to wait for a sunny day, so you and your lover pace, can stroll down to the local Manolo Gelato and enjoy your good and cheap ice.

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