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Get the Attention of a Girl on Happy Valentines Day

Calling a girl’s attention can seem as challenging as climbing Mount Everest, but it does not have to be that way! Follow these methods to capture the attention of a special girl and become irresistible.

Method 01

Get attention with your personality

Be funny without being rude. Everyone likes to laugh, that’s why making a girl laugh can be a good way to get her attention. This does not mean you have to become a comedian like Jim Carrey, but you need to find out what your best type of humor is. It’s good to remember that you do not have to be funny every second, but adding a bit of humor to a conversation is a good way to make the girl interested in you.

  • No matter what kind of humor you use, waiting for the girl to laugh is not a good idea. The humor and spontaneous humor that only stops for a moment is a way to do it. If she thinks it’s funny, she’ll laugh. Do not expect her to laugh out loud at your jokes, and never say something like “oh, did not you find that funny?” If she does not laugh because you’ll create a discomfort hard to cope with.
  • Do your homework. If you think you’re not funny naturally, watch the TV comedians or study the funny characters in the movies. Look how they make jokes, but do not memorize them and then repeat them because it seems somewhat rigid and unnatural.
  • Use circumstantial humor. Although expressing fun or witty witty phrases can make a girl laugh, try to improve your mood by commenting on your situation or environment in a fun way.
  • Laugh when you think something is really funny. Avoid false laughter, since it is usually easy to notice. A great real laugh can be something very attractive.
  • Do not use discourteous humor. Although soft jokes can be fun at first, use them sparingly because no girl wants to spend the whole night with a boy who discourages her with her words; even, if he meant it in a funny way. On the other hand, modest humor (in which you make fun of yourself) can make the girl feel comfortable because you show her that you have enough confidence in yourself to laugh at you.

Give your best in what interests you. If you show passion in whatever you do, you are more likely to receive more than just a few feminine looks. Being passionate and good at something is attractive, since it shows that you are interested in something more than yourself and that you are hardworking and passionate. Also, you can see that you have an ambition and that you not only want to be part of something, but you want to be the best you can.

  • If you are part of a sports team, work hard to be the star or captain of the team. If you belong to a debate club, give your best to lead the debates. If you are in art or photography classes, do not be afraid to show your artistic side and skill.
  • Do not hide what you like. If you are happy, confident and enthusiastic, people will begin to be interested in what you are interested in. Do not act as if you hate what you really like, just act like it’s not the big deal and show the real fun parts of what you like.

Show him that you are a little emotional. You do not have to cry openly if a sad topic comes up, but make sure you do not look like an emotionless machine when you’re with her; This applies when you talk about how it made you feel something. Saying things like “that movie we watched today in class made me consider how it must have felt to be stuck in the Titanic. It is something dark and sad to think “, will show the girl that you have compassion; You can also tell how others feel and feel things yourself.

Show good manners many girls like kind and attentive guys. Do not do or say things that many people consider offensive, including cursing and making jokes or sexist, racist comments, etc. If you act like a gentleman, showing your respect towards the woman, and other people in general, the girls are more likely to prefer your company.




  • Saying things that you know will offend someone is not a good way to make or keep friends. It may seem cool to your friends, but it is a true disenchantment for most girls. It is easy to underestimate something, but it is much harder to believe in something. Be a man and believe in something.

Show him that you have a sense of adventure. You do not have to be the captain of a ship or a world-class mountaineer, but you have to be willing to do almost anything. Invite her to excursions, to camps, to rest in the nearest city; It flows with the changes if you are with her and something exciting comes up.

Respect all the girls equally. You have more chances to make a good impression if you treat all the women who do not interest you as kindly as those who do. This does not mean that you have to talk or flirt with each girl, but do not ignore them or treat them with rejection because you never know when a girl will become attractive or who she will be friends with. It is best to treat them all in the same way you would like them to treat you.

  • Do not talk to a girl about the charm of another, as it is in bad taste and can degrade her opinion about herself. Also, it’s very easy to say something wrong by accident, or something you did not mean. Just talk about girls with your friends.
  • In general, you should not talk about your past relationships, or other girls who may be interested in you, with the girl that matters most to you. No girl wants to have to compare with your past relationships, nor does she want you to compare her with others. Make her feel like she’s the only girl in the universe, and the universe will smile on you.

Be attentive. When you talk to a girl, give her all the attention; Listen to what he says and you may learn a lot about it and discover interests that you have in common.

  • Ask him many questions. This will show you that you are really interested in her, apart from how she looks. Ask him what activities he likes, what music he listens to, what movies he saw lately, ask him about his family, his aspirations and desires. Any question that is carried out in a sincere and respectful way is interesting.
  • Give him time to talk. If you ask questions, give them time to express themselves and do not feel bad if they talk too much. Remember, if you talk a lot, it’s a good sign!

Have confidence in yourself. Trust is a great aspect for most girls. They will notice you if you walk with your head up, if when you speak you do not doubt that you know about it, or simply if you walk towards it without hesitation. Remember that you are an amazing boy, because when you show confidence in yourself, you become enlightened and the girls notice it.

  • Keep in mind that you do not have to be too arrogant. Trust and arrogance are two different things. When you are confident, you have faith in yourself without intimidating others. On the other hand, when you are arrogant, you are confident and you want everyone (really everyone) to know. Arrogance can disappoint girls because they want someone to believe in themselves without trying to let everyone know how amazing it is all the time.




Method 02

Get your attention with your actions

Make eye contact. If you want a girl to notice your presence, start by noticing her first. Whether you’re in classes or in a bar, making eye contact is the key to getting your attention. Look at it, but when you see it doing it, look the other way. Repeat this and then keep eye contact for a moment and let go of a smile, if you feel the time is right for it. It is a cycle that will show you that you are interested in it.

  • If she does not keep eye contact with you, or if she decides not to look at you again, maybe it’s because she’s very shy or not interested in you. Therefore, you will have to use other methods in this article to find out which of the two options is correct.
  • When you converse with girls, try to maintain eye contact as much as possible, as this tells you that you are trustworthy and that you pay close attention.

Be a gentleman with the girls. Girls tend to have a different mood and perspective than boys, so being aware and understanding these differences is important when it comes to calling, and keeping, a girl’s attention.

  • Do common things that are polite, like opening the door, letting her stand in line and saying “excuse me”. Doing small things is very easy and girls pay more attention to it than boys.
  • Do not make sexual jokes or comments. Girls already think guys are obsessed with sex, so do not make it worse by being obsessed with it. If you are mature and respectful about sexual issues, at least when you are with girls, you will definitely get their attention.

Do not treat women as objects, nor talk about them as if they were inferior. It may sound like something basic, but many men assume that women do not notice, or do not care, when they treat them as if they were inferior to them. This is totally wrong and in this way you will not have many friends. Think before you talk negatively about women. As a general rule, pretend that your grandparents are in front of you whenever you say something about women, so you will avoid saying something very inappropriate.

Act in a relaxed way with the girls. Even if you are nervous inside, keep a calm and relaxed behavior when you are with girls, it will give the impression that you are a confident boy and with whom it is easy to leave. When you are tense or nervous, you are more vulnerable to feeling embarrassed if you make a small mistake, which discourages them. Being quiet allows you to fully enjoy the company of the girl, stay confident and show her your true self.

  • Staying confident is difficult, but try to imagine that the girl you want to impress is just a friend. You would not be nervous with a friend, so why be nervous with her? If you are confident and look relaxed and calm, you will be popular; You will attract their attention immediately.

Smile as if you wanted it. The smile is the universal symbol of happiness. If you show people in general, and in particular to her, that you are a happy boy, she will want to be closer to you. Girls like boys who have a good sense of humor and smile easily. Therefore, smile often, be joyful and be yourself shamelessly.

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Helps people. It could be her or any other person in the room. Helping others shows that you are humble and a good person. Be kind and generous, as that will not only draw your attention, it will also make you feel good about yourself. Girls are attracted to boys who have compassion for others; Help her carry a heavy bag and she will not forget it.

  • Are you carrying something heavy? Say “let me help you with that” and load it for her. Hold the door when you have many things on top, give your jacket when it is cold or offer to share your umbrella when it rains.
  • Does anyone have little money? Lend a little so you can eat lunch.
  • Do not be false and do good deeds only when she is near. It helps people all the time in different ways. She will notice it, and also the people she knows, and when a conversation arises, people will say “he is a great person!” And this girl will begin to think “yes, it is, is not it?”.
  • Something that holds many children is the fear that she misunderstands them. For example, you may not want to help her carry something because she is worried that you think you are a macho who insinuates that she can not be alone. But, you have to put fear aside and think about what you are really doing; You are only helping her because you want, what could go wrong? If you do not try to question her ability in some way, then she’s not a good girl to take it, is she? If you do things with your heart, a decent girl will see it.

Mention a sincere compliment. For example, you can tell him he has beautiful eyes or a beautiful smile, but do it as if you want it to be obvious that you are more than flirting. Choose something nice that is only reserved for her; this will make her feel special, admired and beautiful.

Include the girls in your activities. When you do something with only boys, be brave and include the girls you love. You do not have to do it all the time because sometimes it’s important to have a time with only boys, but do not be afraid to include some girls in the group.

  • If the kids call your attention, keep in mind that they are jealous because they did not have the courage to invite them. There is no reason why girls cannot be part of the group.

Find a way to make physical contact with the girl you want to call attention to. Physical contact can be a good way to create sparks between you and that special girl. However, do not show that you go out of your way to be by her side because that can scare her if she does not know that you like her. Do delicate things, like touching his arm when he says something that makes you laugh.

  • If you have a tab or something on your face (even if you do not have one), lean forward, make eye contact and slowly pull it out of your cheek (but be gentle!).

Method 03

Get your attention with your appearance

Arm yourself According to your style, this step can vary a lot, but the basics are to bathe regularly and brush your teeth. That’s the most basic, but you can still improve your chances of getting the girl’s attention. No one wants to hug someone who smells like BO and has breakfast piled between his teeth.

  • Beyond the basics, there are many ways in which kids can groom themselves to look better. The hair cream can turn the disheveled look of newly lifted into a beauty subtly sculpted. Although, you do not have to apply much cream on the head because the hair will look greasy and that can discourage the girls.
  • If you wear a beard, keep it neat. Some women like facial hair, but even the most manly beard can turn into Rip Van Winkle’s absurdly long beard if it is not properly maintained. Invest in a shaver.
  • In addition to caring for the beard, look at the rest of the body hair. Depilate the eyebrows, trim the hair on the nose and keep the ear to the minimum. Many girls, even those who love beards, are reluctant to excessive hair that is found in other places that are not the chin, chest and private areas.
  • Trim the nails. Often, girls pay attention to their hands, so make sure yours do not look like Bigfoot. Cut your nails and remove the dirt from under them.
  • Huméctate Although it may seem a little masculine, when you have the girl of your dreams in your arms, you do not want the skin to be dry and strange. For that reason, use a lotion to give a softness to the skin that can not resist touching.

Keep your wardrobe in mind. Everyone has their style and it’s fine, but it’s better to avoid the “disheveled” style. Do not wear gym pants every day and always try to change your shirt before leaving your house. Apart from that, remember that girls like it when boys take care of their appearance, even if that only means wearing a fashionable flannel, tight pants and a pair of thick frame lenses.

  • If you try to attract the attention of a girl who works in the same place as you, try to put your professionalism into practice. Invests in some elegant suits and cute neckties. If you do not know how to do it, ask your best friend for help.


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Know your body language. Posture plays an important role in how a woman perceives man. If the boy is hunched in a corner, avoiding eye contact and not talking to someone, it is very likely that he will not walk and start a conversation. Stand up straight, make eye contact and smile. Keep in mind that you want to have a good posture, but without it seems obvious that you are standing too straight. Walk with comfort.

  • If you do not know how to move easily, watch your role models. See how the leading men in the movies captivate with their ways of approaching the hearts of women.
  • Also, keep in mind her body language. If you move your weight from one side to another very often or do not make eye contact, it is probably because you do not feel comfortable; Maybe it’s because of the topic of conversation, or how close you are to it, or something else. Respect their feelings and change the subject or back off if necessary, depending on what is bothering them.

Keep your body in shape. Although you may be a good boy, it is important to remember that some girls like men who exercise. Also, the gym is a great place to get the attention of that special girl. If you want to attract that beautiful girl you like, you also have to keep your physique in good condition. Start an exercise routine that includes cardiovascular and weight training so you can strengthen your muscles and be in good shape.

  • Remember that many girls like toned boys, but they are not attracted to those who look like Arnold Schwarzenegger when he was Mr. Universe. If you take a long time to raise your hand in class because your muscles are about to tear the shirt, maybe it’s time to reduce the load a little when lifting weights.


  • Do not let any bad experience you have had avoid you from looking for opportunities that are open to you. If you had a relationship that ended badly, learn from it and leave it in the past, since it is not healthy to live with the wrong relationships, and it is probably not very attractive either. Accept what life is giving you now, not what you could have given you in the past.
  • Do not panic if you do something shameful. Many girls find it very nice that a boy is embarrassing, especially if you are able to recover the situation with good humor.
  • Do not peck your nose, do not scratch your buttocks, do not sting your body in any way, or lose farts or burps when you’re hardly knowing. Be rough with her and you’ll be lucky if she ever looks at you again.
  • Be careful not to place all your hopes on a single girl, as it will only make things more painful if something does not turn out as you expected. . Remember that there are many fish in the sea. If things do not go well with a particular girl, just meet another. That may make her feel sad if she leaves you in the first place.
  • If you have a good relationship with a sister who is close to your age, use that as a model to know how to move and talk with the girls.


  • Having luxury items or being a millionaire is not absolutely necessary to get a girl’s attention. Only presumptuous girls act that way.
  • Doing ridiculous things to get a girl’s attention is counterproductive. The only thing you would gain from that would be that she (and her circle of friends and acquaintances) thought you were a clown and you would give people reasons to make fun of you and criticize you. Also, she might think that ultimately you are an immature, since that is usually done by children to get girls’ attention.
  • If you cannot get their attention, it’s because of the following:
  • You do not care
  • You are not his type.
  • He already has a boyfriend.
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