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Free Experiences In Copenhagen For Lovers

Copenhagen is a lovely city – both from a general point of view, but also for couples who want to spend one or more good days together. There are many different options to enjoy a day or a weekend in Copenhagen, which will surely strengthen the relationship and your love for each other.Happy valentine day Here in the posts that we present a series of free experiences which will hopefully be of interest to you and your partner. Good luck with your planning!

There are of course the traditional experiences, among other counts Tivoli and Copenhagen Zoo, but there are also a variety of experiences in Copenhagen, which is not mentioned in any guides on Copenhagen. Some of them cost money, but many can also be enjoyed free of charge. One example is the free city tours with guide.

You can benefit from looking through the Committee on which is really, really exciting experiences in Copenhagen, which may be relevant for couples to spend one or more days in the capital. If both you and the boyfriend loves activity,Happy valentines day 2017 then in to try the mentioned Fun ball that allows you and girlfriend opportunity to walk on water.

Plastic ball is transparent, so you can constantly looking at each other, laugh and enjoy each other’s grin.

Here are 4 free AND good experiences in Copenhagen:

Take the long trip up in Our Savior’s Church and enjoy the incredible views of Copenhagen

Botanical Garden is also a great and free visit on a beautiful sunny day

Christiania is an obvious place to go for a walk hand in hand

Landbohojskolens Garden is cozy and intimate

See more great ideas here

There are also many opportunities to experience some of the best culinary experiences, which would be a shame to miss. This does not mean that you should eat at, as there are many other exciting romantic restaurants and cafes that offer good food and cozy atmosphere at a good sum and enjoy the happy valentines’ Day Love 2017

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