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Florists Do Not Serve On Valentine’s Day

Florists do not serve on valentine’s day.They sell 10 times more than normal, but Valentine’s Day is no bed of roses for the country florists

The reason for this apparent contradiction is that Valentine’s Day falls on the same date throughout the world – February 14, should anyone be in doubt – and it gets wholesale prices of flowers to shoot in the air.

And it helps not at prices that most people buy red roses Happy Valentines Day.

“We have 10 times more orders than on a normal day, but it’s crazy expensive for dealers to buy roses as Valentine’s Day falls on the same time in the world,” says marketing manager at Interflora in Denmark, Jan Opperman to tv2.dk and continues:Happy Valentines Day My Love



“And dealers sets not at prices up to the level that they perhaps should be on this day, because we can not explain to our customers why the red roses of a sudden are so expensive on Valentine’s Day.”

Glad day anyway
January Opperman says that earnings for florists on Valentine’s Day is therefore very limited, but the floral industry still is very happy day.

Happy Valentines day love 2017

“We are very happy Valentine’s Day, because we have lots to do and because everyone is talking about us on the day. So even if the day does not give us any extraordinary earnings, so it gives us lots of invaluable publicity,” says Opperman.

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