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Flirt Physically with a Girl | Happy Valentines Day

Flirting gives rise to attraction and tension, but it has to be done in the right way. If you do it the wrong way, the girl you like can sneak away without looking back. Like all flirting, the attraction of body language is a fun process, but do not rush. Get into position step by step so you can flirt with confidence with the girl you like and, most importantly, you can have fun doing it.

Method 01

Make him notice you

Know her Think about the things you like and your interests. Ask him if you’re not sure. Understanding their interests helps you find common ground, so that you have a reason to see and talk with her, which takes you a step further to physically flirt with her. As you get to know her, be kind and considerate or maybe she will not let you get too close.

  • Move slowly. If you walk and put your arm around a girl, without knowing her or flirting before, she may be offended and think you are going very fast. Flirting gradually over a period of time (even a short one) is the best way to get a girl out with you.


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Make a compliment. The compliments give you the ability to make him notice you, so you can physically approach him. When you talk to her, give her a compliment that sounds sincere. Otherwise, you may think that you are trying to “play” with it.

  • Girls like compliments as long as they do not sound like a phrase to try to flirt. Superficial compliments can make her not want to hear you or talk to you.
  • Make compliments that are unique to her and that are specific. For example, flatter your ears, your freckles or your eyes.
  • Remember that many girls, even pretty ones, are very insecure. When you try to compliment him, maybe he does not take you seriously, since he’ll think you’re kidding. So confirm that you do not.
  • Do not say an ambiguous compliment. “You’re cute to be brunette” is not a compliment.
  • Never make it the object of a joke. Also, if someone tells you something impolite (even if he says it in jest), ask him to stop. Then, quickly look at it. If her eyes get bigger or if she smiles slightly, then it means that she is impressed and grateful.

Make eye contact when you talk to her. This not only lets you know that you are listening, but it also gives you the feeling that it is worthy of your full attention. Eye contact creates tension and attraction. Try not to stop looking at her for a while, even if there are distractions around. Ignore them. She will be impressed that you do not allow the surrounding chaos to distract you from her. Then, it is more likely that she is more receptive to you.

  • It imitates your body language. If you lean forward, lean forward. If you step aside, step aside. Imitate their body language is a subtle way to let you know that you are interested. Even if you do not know it consciously, you can unconsciously begin to pick up the signal.
  • Observe her body language and see if she imitates you. Imitation is a sign that she likes you, even if she is not ready yet for flirt contact.

Pay attention to him in the middle of the crowd. Sometimes a girl may feel lost in the middle of a crowd or even be with her friends (especially if her friends are attractive). She may think that some of her friends receive more attention than her because they are prettier or more outgoing, which means that it may be difficult for her to feel that they see or hear her. So make him feel that he stands out from the others by paying more attention. When speaking, give special attention. Prioritize talking to her directly instead of talking to others. When the group makes a decision about where to go or what to do, ask her what she thinks the group should do.


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Call her just to talk. Make sure you know that you really want to know her better. Calling her alone to talk (especially since text messages are much more popular) lets you know that you’re really interested in knowing her better. Talk about your interests, your current activities or just call her to say hello or briefly let her know you think about her. You must not be someone you are not, just be “normal”.

Take him something. Nothing important. It can be something small like a snack that you see it eat often. Make sure you remain an observer and not a repulsive stalker who likes to stalk you.

Do not be discouraged if you reject your gift. Maybe he does not want to immediately accept something from you. He does not want to feel that he owes you something because you gave him something. If you insist a couple of times, you may give in and accept the gift.

Send him a text message to ask him to meet somewhere. If she accepts, do not talk about other girls or talk about topics that make her think you’re not interested, unless you know that she likes those topics. You do not want me to believe that you just want to be his friend. You must make him feel special, not as another member of the group.

Method 02

Touch it furtively

Touch your knees with yours. Slowly move your knees toward hers until touching them lightly. Make sure you touch your knees gently and then persist, so that you do not think you push your legs because you need more space for yours.

  • Flirting with accidental touches gives rise to attraction because it creates tension. The little touches here and there leave her wanting more. But remember to keep your eyes open to catch the mutual signals. If you do not seem to enjoy it, stop.

Touch it in your hand or arm when you laugh. Say something funny or laugh at their jokes. While you laugh, gently touch the top of your hand or your forearm as you say “how funny”. It must look casual and natural. It should look like you do it with everyone when you laugh. If you are sitting when it happens, take this opportunity to casually slide your chair closer to hers.

Put your hair behind your ear. This works best if you have a stray hair strand or a strand hanging on your face. Delicately, put the hair behind her ear to clear her face.

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Put your hand close to hers. When you are sitting near her at a table, always place your hand very close to hers. A finger away or a little closer is a good distance. To take a step forward, place your hands over hers for a second, as if it were an accident.

Play with the feet. If you are sitting at a table or desk in front of her, gently place your feet over hers. Playing with the feet can be a bit childish, but it is a way to get the girl’s attention in a jovial way. Also, it lets you know that you are interested in it. If she looks at you from under the table and smiles, then she is happy that the person who kicks her gently is you.

Method 03

Flirt with her openly

Hug her. It is a reason to touch it in a non-sexual way. It is also a legitimate reason to touch her without appearing very flirtatious, especially if you greet her with a hug. If you do it every time you see it, you will begin to understand that this is your way of greeting it. [14] You may receive a hug every time you see her.

  • If you want to take a step forward, embrace it more often. Give him hugs without any reason if you know him well enough. Over time, this can progress and maybe she will start giving you hugs.
  • However, you should also bear in mind that some people do not like hugs. So it is important to pay attention to your body language and facial expressions. If you do not like it, stop and, of course, if it asks you to stop, you should do so immediately.

Play with your hair. Some girls like this. Concentrate on the hair at the nape of the neck, since playing with hair from that area will probably give you chills (in a good way). If she feels comfortable with you, play with the hair that is close to the torso or bust (but be respectful

  • From there, if the girl still feels comfortable, take a step further. With the back of your hand, gently push the hair that hangs in front of her behind her shoulders (but do not do it if it seems as if she has spent a lot of time combing her hair.) Even if you try to flirt with her, she will be angry with you for ruin your hairstyle). If all goes well, start rubbing your neck as if you were giving her a massage.

Put your hands around your waist from behind. If he likes you, he’ll probably lie on you. Touch it gently so you do not scare her. If you both feel comfortable, maybe I’ll let you slide your hand a little lower.



  • Once she feels comfortable letting you put your hands on her waist, take her and make her turn. Then, she will be in front of you. Lean down and say something in your ear or tell it openly. You can tell if she liked her expression (be careful: some girls are extremely ticklish and tend to scream or laugh when someone touches them at the waist).

Push it jovially. When you walk beside her on a sidewalk or on a road, gently push her out of the way. It will probably also push you, which will start the jovial flirting. Even these childish shoves is a way to flirt (but do not do it on a busy street, because someone can be hurt).

Put your head in your lap. If you are already friends and you see a movie, read or talk with other friends, come closer and put your head in your lap. Let her play with your hair. If he pushes you, just laugh. This only works well if you’ve flirted with the girl many times before.

Tickle her Good areas for tickling are under your ribs or on the sides or in your stomach. If you like it, it will also try to tickle you (probably while laughing or smiling). However, watch the signs, if you do not like it or move away, stop. You do not want to bother her and ruin any opportunity to approach her again. If you move away, return to physical contact that seems comfortable to her and do it for a while.

Be respectful. Pay attention to your body language and anything you say. You must not exceed your limits. The open contact must be consensual. Some people feel uncomfortable with public displays of affection or allowing them to touch them. All people are different, so it is important to pay attention to their verbal and non-verbal cues. If he asks you to “stop” at some point, then stop. If it looks uncomfortable, stop. You may believe that you invade their space and possibly that you harass them. What is not attractive or respectful?


  • Do not make rude comments about your body.
  • Do not ignore her when you are with a friend she does not know (this is something disappointing). On the contrary, present it.
  • If it is insecure, do not make fun of it. It will only make her feel bad about herself.
  • Try to smell good.
  • Invite her to leave in person. You will see more sure.
  • Do not look at it in the breasts. Be respectful of your body. Make eye contact, she will appreciate it.
  • Do not talk about sex near her, unless you know for sure that she likes it.
  • Do not touch your backside or any other part of your body without permission.
  • If you do not like being touched, hugged or tickled, stop.
  • Give the girl you like the most attention and put the other girls aside.


  • Do not buy things at random or do too many compliments.
  • Remember that each girl is different and each one will respond differently.
  • Make sure you are not with your partner.
  • Never talk to her while you look at someone else.
  • Pay attention to your body language to measure if she likes your conquest techniques.


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