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Flirt Day 18 Feb

The flirt day is celebrated on 18 February every year and this will be celebrate on 2017 as well after a happy valentines week. It comes after perfume day. The word flirting has different definitions that depends on the nature of moment. While if you are in a relationship with your love ones, the relation that is actually a step forward from the friendship, in that relationship if you do something romantic then it is called to be flirt or flirting and you can do this specially in flirt day just for fun. But if you are not in a relationship and you have done something and now you want to cover that steps then you can name that flirting as extra friendly. Sometimes people are not actually flirting they are just giving the more attention to most beautiful person and that behavior up-to some extent is ok and after that known as flirting.

The example of flirting can be elaborated as that those few words “I love you”, is actually the mathematical formula and in that formula the love remains constant and the number you is variable as it changes with time. Now that’s called friendly flirting. Let’s take an example from daily life. We use WhatsApp, what if the status in WhatsApp what is shown as last seen at, what if it would be converted to last seen with,. These are some natural feelings that develop in the person by depending on the situation of time. Flirting with someone actually an attention that has no feelings in that attention.

In nowadays everyone is flirting and they name that flirting as a love, that’s why we celebrate special day for this called flirt day. There is much difference in love and flirt. Love is the feeling that intentionally attach the person with some other person while flirt is the feeling in which you are not attach with any person intentionally. So enjoy the official flirting day without any intention on february 18 2017 is called flirt day.

Flirt Day

1.I am not Flirting, I am just being extra nice, to someone who is extra attractive.

2.Honestly I have no idea how to live without you. Happy Flirt Day..

3.Sometimes i think i should have texted you,

after searching 1000 questions so that,

i would never stop conversation with you.

4.It’s called flirting when you are in relationship.