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How to fix a broken friendship | Happy Valentines Day Love

Many friends have problems; However, a complicated fight can make you feel that the relationship is irreparable. If you really care about that person, it will be worth the emotional stress to sol-ve your problems. It could be difficult; However, fixing a broken friendship will leave it much stronger than before.

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Reset communication

Be the first to approach. If they do not speak, someone will have to take the first step. Be the one who chooses to give it! This will show you that you want them to be friends again and that you really want to resolve things. Think about how you can approach. Depending on the person and the seriousness of the discussion, you may have to try some different ways to get in touch.

Get in touch with the person in the way you can. If you do not answer your phone call, leave a voice message saying you really want to fix things and then send a similar text message. If you block your text messages, send them messages by email. If you ignore your emails, try to communicate with a private message through social networks. If all else fails, you can try to visit her personally at home.

  • Approach once and wait for a response before trying to approach you in another way. You do not want to make him feel harassed or pressured.
  • If you agree to meet with you by text message or email, it is best to do so in a public, common place so that no one feels intimidated or under pressure.

Respect your friend’s need for space. If your friend refuses to see you or talk to you or if it is not an option to visit him in person, you may have to back away for a moment. Your friend will want space and you must respect it. Use the time to reflect on the situation and prepare what you want to say.

  • Do not pressure your friend if it is clear that he wants space. You will only bother him and make him feel frustrated with you.

Speak about the problem honestly and openly. Explain what the problem is and be honest about it. Then ask him to do the same. Let him talk as long as he needs it. Listen really and do not interrupt. In this way, both can tell their version of the story and put everything on the table.

  • Express your feelings without using accusatory or provocative words. For example, instead of saying “You made a really silly decision”, ask your friend “Why did you decide to do that? I have trouble understanding it. “

Use first-person affirmations when talking with your friend. This will prevent you from blaming yourself and you will create a more peaceful tone as you speak. For example, instead of saying “You were a selfish fool,” say something like “I thought you did not care about my feelings and I really felt hurt by the things you said.”

Apologize with your friend and accept their apologies. Even if you did not do anything and you think the situation is your fault, offering an apology will set the tone. You could say “I really regret that things have come to this point. I want things to be better among us. ”

  • If you were wrong in some way, apologize sincerely.
  • If your friend apologizes to you, accept your apologies graciously.

Avoid starting a discussion again. It is important that you do not say or do anything that hurts during this conversation. This will only hurt the friendship more and you could make things irreparable. Do your best to keep things quiet. If things heat up, do not let them get worse.

  • For example, if your friend says “I can not believe you did that to me! I will never trust you again! “, You can say something like” I know, it was very stupid of me! I am so sorry! I want to fix things, please, tell me how I can do it! “

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Rebuild a healthy friendship

Let go of your anger or frustration. If you really want to rebuild your friendship, everything will start when you let go of your negative feelings about the situation and forgiveness without doubting your friend. Encourage him to do the same. Leave behind the past and look to the future.

Make a plan to rebuild friendship. Ask your friend if there is something you can do differently in the future to keep the friendship strong. You could say “Tell me how we can avoid something like this in the future. What do you need from me, like your friend, to avoid it? ”

  • If you have any request for your friend, do it at that time. You could say something like, “In the future, I just want you to respect my feelings when I express them. I want to feel that you care. “

Take things slowly. If you and your best friend had an important fight, hanging out every day after school as they used to do is probably not the healthiest way to rebuild things. Do not do any of your old habits again. Start slowly with phone calls and occasional exits. This will give them time to heal as they rebuild friendship.

Avoid committing the same bad behavior in the future. Apologies do not make sense if you do not correct the behavior for which you apologized. Make the necessary changes to keep your friendship on the right path. Pay attention to the way you talk and interact with the other person. If nothing changes between you and you still feel that things are negative, it may be better to reevaluate friendship.

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Part 03

Identify a toxic friendship

Analyze the way they are treated. It is a difficult fact to accept; however, it is not worth fixing some friendships. If your friend always treated you badly or if it made you feel bad about yourself, it might be better not to keep it in your life.

  • Your friend should show you kindness, encouragement, respect and empathy. If he cannot usually give you these things, or vice versa, maybe it’s not a healthy friendship

Determine if you feel you can be as you really are when you are close to your friend. An infallible sign of a toxic friendship is if you feel that you cannot be yourself with that person. If it forces you to do your things with great caution, it probably is not a good friendship. If your friend criticizes your personality constantly, then it is a toxic relationship.

  • A good friend offers criticism with compassion.

Make sure there is a balance in your friendship. Healthy and mutual friendships involve a balance between the two friends who are close to each other. If your friend never calls you or sends you a text message or if you are always the one who has to make plans, there could be an imbalance in friendship.

  • A toxic friend could make you compete for your friendship, while a good friend will accept you and make time for you without exception.
  • Toxic people tend to force you to abandon your own problems so that you deal with their problems.

Evaluate if your friendship is healthy and mutually beneficial. Think about how you feel close to that person and ask yourself if he was honestly supportive and comfortable having his friendship. You should feel that you can usually trust your friend and you should also feel that he supports you. [13]

  • Your friend must inspire you to grow and you must do the same for him.

Cut ties with toxic friends. If you have decided that it is not worth saving a friendship, you must cut all links with that person. Be firm and direct. Not only limit yourself to blocking someone’s phone number and avoid it forever, but you should also look for some form of closure by ending the friendship verbally.

  • For example, you could say something like “I’ve been thinking about our friendship and I think I need to take a break. I do not like how I feel when we’re around, I think I have to order some things on my own. “
Happy Valentines Day Love 2017
Happy Valentines Day Love 2017

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