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Determine if a Long Distance Relationship is Working | Happy Valentines Day Love

Is your long distance relationship working? That is something difficult to know. This will show you how to order those confusing emotions that you and your partner have.


  • Make sure there is mutual trust. This is one of the most important things when being in a long distance relationship. If there is no trust, ask yourself why. Discuss the situation, and work together to solve your problems.
  • You must be willing to make sacrifices. A relationship that is not physical, or where you cannot see it every day can be very fragile. You must be willing to make sacrifices that others would not need to make in a relationship where the two people can see each other all the time.
  • Make sure you love your partner. Do you love, or do you feel a great attraction to that person? This is necessary for the relationship to be strong despite the distance.




  • Make sure both are willing to wait. Many long-distance relationships fail because people get impatient waiting for the affection of their partner, so make sure both are willing to endure that wait.
  • Establish multiple contact forms in case the computers or telephone fails.
  • Identify when a time should be taken. In a stormy relationship, you may need time to find yourself. If it is true love, you will feel miserable without the other person. A few days off to think will give you more clarity.
  • You should be aware that this does not work for all cases, and that it can make your partner angry. You know your boyfriend / girlfriend better, so make the decision that you consider most appropriate.
  • Seek to see yourself as soon as possible. Spending time in person will make that natural longing to see you go away.


  • Love knows no distance. Do not give up until you have tried.
  • If you think you love someone who is far away, then surely you do.
  • It is much easier to love a person who is near, instead of one who is 3 thousand kilometers away.


  • Some of these solutions may not work for all couples. All relationships are different, so be sure to do the things you think will work best in your relationship.




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