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Conquer a Boy on Happy Valentines Day

Attention guys and girls! Do you like that sensual guy from the biology class? Or maybe that chocolate you see every Friday at the bar? Either way, keep reading to discover some great tricks that will help you have an adventure with a stud. Start with the first step!

Part 01

Prepare everything to make it a success

Think of a place before you start. Probably the safest place to go is a hotel (although your home is the second safest alternative). Make sure your home is clean or have a hotel or similar option prepared.

Put on something sensual. Put on something revealing and a little tight, but try not to look vulgar.

Take liquor in moderation. The liquor is fine and you should not feel bad if you want a little, but if you are going to drink, do it in moderation. If your guy is incredibly sexy, at least you want to remember him the next morning, right?

  • It is better not to drink liquor at all. If you do not want your boy to bother you with this, just tell him you have an allergy to liquor (sulphites are very common allergens found in many types of alcoholic beverages).

Get some time alone (or almost alone) You need some quiet to talk. If you’re at a party, take your boy to a place where they can listen to each other. Also, if you make your advances in front of everyone, you can make the situation uncomfortable.

Ask yourself if this is the right thing for you. Studies show that there is a high correlation between the adventures and depression, anxiety and low self-esteem. This does not mean that adventures cause all these problems, but make sure you are not trying to fill an internal void with sex. There are better ways to have a happy and full life.

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Part 02


Come closer when you talk to him, come closer. Very close. He should be able to observe your body, smell your perfume and look at your eyes full of lust.

Sit on your lap. Act playfully and try to sit on her lap. You will be sending a direct message about what you want to do with it.

Take control of the kisses. When they are kissing, show him that you are in control. Let him know who’s boss Bite him a little. Kiss with passion. Give him a little taste of what he can expect from you.

Let your hands speak for you. Touch it to let him know what you have in mind. A spontaneous caress or even a firm touch can show you that you have serious intentions.

Tell him what you want. If your boy does not understand the clues you give him, tell him exactly what you want. Men find it very sensual for a person to take that kind of initiative. Just say something like, “I have stress, I would like to exercise, do you want us to get out of here so we can train a little?”


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Part 03

Basic safety precautions

Say no. If you changed your mind, you can say: “no”. If at any time you do not feel at ease, you can say: “no”. There is nothing wrong with that. Do what you think is right and do not let anyone make you feel guilty for doing something you do not want.

Do not drive if you are intoxicated. Do not drive if you are intoxicated and do not let your boy do it if he also took too much. You do not want this adventure to end in the emergency room.

Make sure someone knows where you are going. You never know what can happen. For your own safety, make sure your best friend or someone you trust knows where you are going.

Do not neglect your drinks. Never neglect your drink and make sure you see the moment when they uncover it and serve it to you. Even if your guy is great with you, it does not mean that the other men in the bar are too.

Take protection with you and insist on using it. No one would like to get a venereal disease, is not it? Even if you are a woman, take a condom with you so your boy can use it. Do not let it convince you to have sex without a condom, even if you are using another method of contraception. Make sure you know how to put a condom (in case he does not know or do not put it correctly).

Take your phone with you! Again, you never know what can happen, so be sure to take a phone with important numbers, such as taxi services to your home or the number of a friend you want to talk to later.




Part 04

After the adventure

Wake up before him. It’s a good idea to wake up first, so you can leave before the situation gets uncomfortable.

Acts in a relaxed way Do not make a scandal for your adventure. You have nothing to be ashamed of. Just calm down and enjoy the moment.

Clean yourself. Fix your appearance and make sure you have your underwear. If you are a girl and you have makeup running, clean it quickly and arrange your hair in a way that seems intentional. You should also clean as much as possible the mess of the previous night, trying not to make a fuss.

Leave before the situation gets uncomfortable. If you are in a hotel, leave. If you are in your home, make up an excuse for your boy to leave. You will want to get away before the situation becomes uncomfortable, especially if your boy or you are new to this adventure.

Do not apologize. You do not need to apologize to anyone for what you did (unless you have a boyfriend, in that case, ups!). Do not apologize to the boy. You will only make them both feel bad for something they should not be ashamed of.

Give him a kiss goodbye. A quick farewell kiss will ensure you both are left with pleasant memories. Give him your phone number if you want to leave open the possibility of having another adventure.





  • Be yourself and relax. If you feel nervous or distant, it is possible that your boy does not think you want to have an affair with him.
  • Take with you mints or a lip ointment. You never know when they can be useful to you.
  • Remember: having an affair with a boy can be fun! If you’re not happy, it’s time to stop.


  • Say “no” to anything that does not make you feel comfortable.
  • Do not feel bad if the boy does not like you. This means that things were not meant to happen and that’s fine. Do something to forget it and simply find another man.
  • Do not be ashamed of anything.
  • Do not become the toy of that boy. You have the control!




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