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Confession Day 19 Feb

Confession day will celebrates on 19 february 2020. Confession day comes right after flirt day. Confession basically is a word that means to accept the things. That acceptation has different meanings. The confession can be made by a man to GOD or in other sense it can be made by a boy to girl. Most common thing in both taypes of confessions is LOVE. They love them and want to confess it. A person confess to GOD when he or she is not feeling well and fed up of his or her life. And they just want to confess everything in front of their GOD. One more thing in both confession is this that when people confess to GOD about some things it doesn’t mean that GOD didn’t know that before, the GOD knows everything but the main thing is this that GOD wanted you to accept the things that you have done. Confession day also comes after 14 february happy valentines day 2017.

Now the case with the confession of boys and girls is this that don’t know about the feelings of each other they just wait for the other to make confession and then the further procedure would be carried out But the best time is to express is on confession day. These confessions actually are the feelings of lovers that are expressed by them to their love ones in the sense of confession. These are not made openly, confession meaning is to accept but it’s not like accepting openly. People made confess on other and they are actually waiting for the confession day that is on 19 feb.

Its actually the day when the secrets of love ones are opened and its actually the day of honesty. Confession day when people open their hearts in front of their love ones or crushes. Confessions includes the feelings of love, the mistakes that happened accidentally and much more. So prepare yourself and open your heart and make it like open book on the confession day the day that happens on 19 February 2017.

Confession Day

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3.Your intellect may be confused, But your emotion will never lie to you.

4.Treat each day as your last; one day you will be right.

Confession Day Wallpaper



Confession Day Wallpaper