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Chocolate Day 9 Feb

Third day of happy valentine day week refers for a Chocolate day. It comes after a propose day and is celebrated on 9th of February. Many romantic poets have mentioned the month of February in their poetry and according to them they called February as a month of love because its valentine week is a best time to tell someone about your inner sensations in a series first day you will just give him/her a rose to realize him of your feelings then second day you will definitely propose him/her and if you are receiving a positive response it means it’s a time to celebrate your relationship for this celebrations there comes a chocolate day. Chocolate is a sweet brown food and it is almost a choice of every one specially girls on chocolate day lovers gives chocolate to each other on chocolate day to show their love and affection

The chocolate day is not limited for lovers only, it means you can celebrate chocolate day with any one important in your life he may be your brother your sister your relatives your friends or yourself. Now the important question is that how chocolate day can be celebrated if you are single. Chocolate day shows your merriment if you are happy you may celebrate it with chocolate. When Christopher Columbus discovered America he celebrated his high spirits with chocolates

Chocolate comes in variety of shapes but the heart shape is most common shape used on chocolate day. It seems very romantic to share your love with heart shape chocolate. It is very important to know that most of the women like chocolates as a surprise for them and it may change their mood. So by keeping this thing in mind most of the men buy variety of chocolates and share their love affection with their lovers/wives.


1.True happiness will be found only in true love but a chocolate can deliver it.

2.On this chocolate day i am sending you a chocolate rose from my heart to make it sweeter than ever.

3.You and chocolates both are my favorites Happy chocolate day.

4.Life is like a chocolate box, Each chocolate is like a portion of life, some are crunchy, some are nutty, some are soft, But are all Delicious.